These are Ortega's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Ruchbah Squad's Base
  • Before battle
"Huh. So you're <player>... Okaaay..."
"Talk about underwhelming. I was expecting someone, I dunno, a little more beefed up?"
"Well, whatever! I don't care who you are. Not like I'm gonna lose to you anyway."
"If you think Fairy types are all about cuteness, you're in for a nasty surprise!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "I promise I'll play nice, so don't blame me when this battle sends you blubbering back home!"
After first directly dealing damage to the player's Pokémon: "Oopsie. Did you just realize how outsmarted you are? If you wanna give up, now's the time!"
Upon first using Dachsbun's Play Rough: "Have a taste of this slick move! Betcha can't handle my Pokémon's adorable strength!"
Upon sending out the Ruchbah Starmobile: "What the HECK?! Why is MY team on the ropes? That's totally not fair!"
  • After being defeated
"Ugh! How could I LOSE! What the HECK!"
  • In a flashback after being defeated
"Arrrghhh! What the HECK!!!"
"I told you—it's not a toy! It's called the Starmobile, and I was up all night building it!"
"I'm sorry... I really thought it would work..."
"Yeah, well...there's no point if it doesn't work, is there? If I knew all that effort would have zero payout, I'd have just asked Mother to buy a car for us..."
"... ... ..."
"... ... ..."
"I know..."
"Guh. This sucks..."
  • After the flashback
"This sucks! I hate myself for losing, but I also can't get over how awesome you were in that battle!"
"If any of us squad bosses are defeated, that means we have to step down. And going against our code would make me a traitor to the team..."
"Gah, FINE! Not like I have a choice anyway, so take the badge already! You'd better treat it with the respect it deserves!"
"I'm not done yet... Here's my favorite TM, too. Feel free to marvel at how awesome it is."
"And just so you know? You are the WORST! Like, the most annoying person EVER!"
"But I get it—you're super strong. I'll admit that much! You even busted up my Starmobile!"
"Mr. Harrington!"
"I guess it's time for my piano lesson, huh?"
"As it happens, I just lost my boss title, so I'm all good to head home..."
"Okaaay... What's your business here?"
"What a question to ask someone you've just met."
"Well, my answer's the same as everyone else in the team... It's 'cause I was being bullied."
"Who would guess, right? The school is all rainbows and butterflies these days."
"And the bullies from back then don't even go to the academy anymore."
"Mr. Harrington..."
"HUH?! No...no one told me that!"
"Hang on, Mr. Harrington! How come you suddenly decided to talk about this now?!"
"Well, there's no way I'm abandoning my friends and going to school without them. Not after we've come so far!"
"Isn't that obvious?"
"It's 'cause, you know...they're my greatest treasure in the whole world."
Team Star flashbacks
"What's up, Giacomo? Did something happen?"
"But you always know what's best for the team, Giacomo! You look out for us!"
  • After Mela is defeated
"I'm just surprised she's not all hot air..."
"As if you're any better, Mela... Being rude and saying mean things is literally your whole deal."
"You're so good at these sorts of crafty things, Atticus. Those people bullying you 'cause you geek out over old-fashioned stuff are out of their minds."
  • After Eri is defeated
"And I could never have evolved my Pokémon without you, Eri!"
"Um, just one thing..."
"We've been training for four whole hours now. I'm totally pooped."
"Yeah! They didn't even send out their Pokémon—they just blubbered and apologized a whole lot... Our outifts must've spooked them good!"
"Hey, Big Boss! Answer us!!"
NaranjaS/Uva AcademyV
  • In the schoolyard, after Penny is defeated
"So, um, I heard your real name's Penny? How've you been this whole time?"
"Hasta la vistar, Cassiopeia! ☆ And hello, Penny!"
"You mean Operation Starfall? Director Clavell told us about it!"
"This may be a weird thing to say since the STCs are supposed to be a punishment and all, but you should totally join in too, Penny!"
  • In the entrance hall
"Well, duh."
"Sure, the teachers finally figured out we're not a bunch of delinquents..."
"But it's not like we can press some magic button to make everyone else accept us."
"A "change of tack," huh? What exactly are you suggesting?"
"WHAT?! That's stupid! Go on and embarrass yourself if you want to, but count me out!"
"Yeah, that makes sense. 'Cause those are CONCERTS. This is SCHOOL. It's different."
"N-no... That'd totally suck."
"Oh nooo! Giacomo! What are you DOING?! This is SO embarrassing!"
"Hold on a sec! You...you're just practicing for your DJ sets, aren't you?"
"...HEY! What do you mean, "thanks for coming"?! We're not hosting anything!"
Ruchbah Squad's Base
  • Upon initiating a Star Barrage rematch
"Let's see if you can beat at least 50 Pokémon in 10 minutes, shall we? Ruchbah Squad—hop to it! Let's get this show on the road!"
  • Upon losing or forfeiting a Star Barrage rematch
"I'm totally shook that you couldn't even make it past my lackeys. How unreal is that? Honestly...step up your game next time."
  • Upon winning a Star Barrage rematch
"Looks like you defeated 50 Pokémon in... Huh. Exactly <number> minute(s), <number> second(s)."
"I guess you've earned yourself <number> LP. Hasta la vistar and all that... ☆"
  • When approached
"Huh, You really came?"
  • If spoken to
"Oh hey!, <player>! You came! you're cool to battle me, right?"
Yes: "Heh, you got guts. But so what? You'll be kicking yourself after I'm through with you!"
No: "Awww! Come on, it's boring here without you to keep me entertained!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "This time, I'll wipe that smug look off your face for sure! You're going down!"
Upon first using Dachsbun's Play Rough: "You ready for more of my slick, adorable moves? 'Cause this one's gonna be pure torture!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "WHAT?! Am I LOSING?! You're too good at this! It's so unfair!"
Upon being defeated: "Arrrrgggh! That strength of yours is SO. NOT. FAIR."
  • After being defeated
"Ugh, this sucks! I'll beat you next time for sure... so enjoy your win while you still can! Hasta la vistar! ☆"
  • If spoken to again on the same day
"I'm gonna spend the rest of today fixing the Starmobile you totaled. Remember that? Go bother someone else till tomorrow!"