If you were looking for the character whose Japanese name reads as "Moe", see Macy.

Moe (Japanese: リュウ Ryū) is a character of the day who appeared in Beauty and the Beach.


Moe owned a restaurant called Beach House Moe (Japanese: 海の家リュウ Beach House Ryū) in Porta Vista that was facing a severe lack of customers. His main competition was Brutella, who owned a more popular restaurant next door to Moe. Things only got worse for Moe when his pier was destroyed after Ash and his friends accidentally drove a boat into it.

Using their Pokémon, Ash and the others tried to attract customers to Moe's restaurant. However, this proved to be a failure when Team Rocket, working with Brutella, sabotaged everything they did.

That's when Ash and his friends discovered a beauty contest on the island. Misty entered, hoping to win and use the money to help Moe rebuild his pier. However, Team Rocket interfered and tried to destroy the town using their Gyarados submarine. Ash, using his Charmander and Pidgeotto, managed to send Team Rocket blasting off into Brutella's restaurant, destroying it.

In the dub, using the money Ash received for saving the town, Moe rebuilt his pier. He also decided to take a vacation from his restaurant to travel around the world. In the original version, the prize money was delivered to the winner of the beauty competition (which, while not outright stated, was implied to be Misty, due to her reasons for joining it in the first place), who then used the prize money to try to rebuild the restaurant.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 北村弘一 Kōichi Kitamura
English Jimmy Zoppi

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