Mister Crow

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Mister Crow
ミスター・クロウ Mister Crow
Mister Crow.png
Mister Crow
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown

(Japanese: ミスター・クロウ Mister Crow) is a character from Pokémon Try Adventure.

Mister Crow shadowed


Mister Crow first appeared in A Meeting of Fate where after Katsuya rescued a man on top of Steelix, he introduced himself via his Honchkrow to the four Trainers.

In Treasure Hunt in the Sea!, Mister Crow once again relied on his Honchkrow to inform the group that they need to find some buried treasure out in the sea.


While Mister Crow was in the control room, Honchkrow would usually fly to where Katsuya and his friends are to give them activities to do.

None of Honchkrow's moves are known.

Debut A Meeting of Fate

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