Melvin (Japanese: マギー McGee) is a character of the day who appeared in The March of the Exeggutor Squad. He is a struggling magician who always had bad luck.


When Misty ran into him at a carnival in Kanto, his assistant had just quit on him. Feeling bad for him, Misty became his new assistant, but it didn't improve his magic show.

When Ash was questioning Melvin about what good his Exeggcute was, they used Hypnosis on him, putting him under Melvin's control. He had Ash weaken a group of Exeggutor, which Melvin proceeded to capture. He planned to use them to hypnotize everybody at the carnival into attending his show.

However, after his own Exeggcute evolved into Exeggutor, it hypnotized the other Exeggutor into stampeding throughout the carnival, destroying everything in sight. Melvin didn't know what to do, but with the help of Misty and Ash's Charmander, he was able to create his own fire to snap the Exeggutor out of their hypnosis and return everything back to normal.


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This listing is of Melvin's Pokémon in the anime:


Exeggcute → Exeggutor
Melvin originally used this Exeggutor as an Exeggcute in his magic show. After Exeggcute hypnotized Ash, Melvin decided to use him to catch himself multiple Exeggutor. When Team Rocket arrived in order to steal the Coconut Pokémon, Exeggcute evolved into another Exeggutor. When the Exeggutor hypnotized each other, they started rampaging away. When all of the Exeggutor were freed from the hypnosis, Melvin's original Exeggutor returned back to him, making him very happy. They were together saying goodbye when Ash and friends left.

Exeggutor's only known move is Hypnosis.

Debut The March of the Exeggutor Squad

Status unknown

Exeggutor (multiple)
Melvin caught these multiple Exeggutor with the help of hypnotized Ash and his Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. When the Exeggutor started marching around under their own hypnosis, Melvin helped Ash's Charmander with his "Raging Fire" magic trick to wake them up. After this the Exeggutor walked away. However, it isn't especially mentioned that they were released, so it's possible that Melvin still owns them.

Exeggutor's only known move is Hypnosis.

Debut The March of the Exeggutor Squad

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 葉月パル Pal Hazuki
English Maddie Blaustein[note 1]
Czech Jiří Prager
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen
European French Jean-Paul Clerbois
Italian Diego Sabre (Mediaset dub)
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Wojciech Majchrzak
European Spanish Carlos Ysbert


  1. Credited as "Adam Blaustein"

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