Madame Muchmoney

Madame Muchmoney
カネヨ Kaneyo
Madame Muchmoney.png
Madame Muchmoney
Gender Female
Hometown Palm Hills
Region Johto
Anime debut Snubbull Snobbery
English voice actor Carol Jacobanis
Japanese voice actor Kazuko Yanaga

Madame Muchmoney (Japanese: カネヨ Kaneyo) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. Her Snubbull ran away from her and followed Ash and his friends as well as Meowth though Johto, and returned to her after evolving in The Trouble With Snubbull.

Madame Muchmoney is a wealthy socialite who lives in a Palm Hills mansion. She has a private chef named Jacques, and three butlers, including Jeeves.

In the anime


Madame Muchmoney first appeared in Snubbull Snobbery. She invited Ash and his friends into her 86-room mansion in Palm Hills to thank them for finding her Snubbull. Brock became aware of Snubbull's unhappiness as he and the group enjoyed a guided tour of Madame Muchmoney's mansion. Ash and his friends became concerned after Madame Muchmoney admitted that she was marrying her Snubbull off to another, called Winthrop Snubbullfeller. Team Rocket later kidnapped Snubbull, who went on to defeat the trio, and with the help of Ash's Heracross, they were sent flying. After seeing her Snubbull's battling skills, Madame Muchmoney vowed to allow her Pokémon more freedom and enjoy the outdoors. She thanks Ash and his friends for all that they taught her about Snubbull and wished them well on their journey.

Madame Muchmoney appeared again in a flashback in Tunnel Vision, after Ash and his friends stumbled upon Snubbull near Onix Tunnel.

The group re-encountered Madame Muchmoney and her butler Jeeves in The Trouble With Snubbull. Madame Muchmoney revealed that she had set off on a journey in a desperate bid to find Snubbull. Noticing her new muscles, Brock believed her strength meant that she would also be a strong Pokémon Trainer and a powerful role model for Snubbull. Eventually, Madame Muchmoney found Snubbull injured from a Mankey attack. Snubbull was taken to a nearby Pokémon Center, but left again to find Meowth after recovering. Madame Muchmoney discovered Snubbull, who by that point had evolved into a Granbull; it was biting on the tail of a Meowth-shaped mecha operated by Team Rocket.

When Granbull refused to let go, Meowth's attempts to shake her off to get a reward were mistaken for a trick on Madame Muchmoney. Meowth accidentally launched the tail missile with Granbull still holding on, but Madame Muchmoney caught her. When Granbull finally let go, Madame Muchmoney and Granbull fought Team Rocket's robot together, breaking the TV monitor inside with a Dynamic Punch attack. After Pikachu blasted off Team Rocket, Madame Muchmoney and Granbull raced home on foot, believing that they would now make a great combination.


Madame Muchmoney loved and cared for her Snubbull, but she didn't realize that she was suffocating her by providing her with all the things she loved, when her Snubbull truly desired some liberty. She doesn't like the outdoors because of the harsh sunlight and dirt, and has continued to invest in the expansion of her sprawling mansion to ensure Snubbull never has to venture outside. She has many rooms dedicated to Snubbull, including an exercise area, hot spring bath, several bedrooms, and a walk-in wardrobe. In an effort to make her happy, she prearranged a marriage with another Snubbull nicknamed Winthrop Snubbullfeller. However, this only made Snubbull more angry, and she ran away shortly afterwards. However, after hearing Brock's input, and seeing her Pokémon battle Team Rocket, she allowed Snubbull to gain some independence and enjoy a more outdoor-oriented lifestyle.

When they encountered her again, Ash and his friends were shocked by her drastic change in appearance. Madame Muchmoney swapped her gold bead necklace for a white neckerchief, and she proudly wore a torn red dress. She displays a newfound strength after spending some time in the elements to search for Snubbull. Meanwhile, she continues to invest millions in her mansion to turn the gardens into a Pokémon wildlife park for Snubbull to enjoy. Her latest appearance in The Trouble With Snubbull also showcased her immense personal development, where she commanded her newly-evolved Granbull to defeat Team Rocket.

Throughout her appearances, Madame Muchmoney maintained a polite and friendly composure. She has since stopped making cute nicknames for her Pokémon and looks forward to a more active relationship with Granbull.


Snubbull → Granbull

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 弥永和子 Kazuko Yanaga
English Carol Jacobanis
Arabic إيمان بيطار Iman Bitar
Finnish Elise Langenoja
European French Guylaine Gibert
Italian Grazia Migneco (Mediaset dub)
Caterina Rochira (TPCi dub)
Polish Anna Dąbkowska
Brazilian Portuguese Helena Samara
Spanish Latin America Ángeles Bravo
Spain Isabel Donate

In the manga

Madame Muchmoney in Ash & Pikachu

Ash & Pikachu

Madame Muchmoney and Snubbull appeared in A Mysterious Egg!!.




Language Name Origin
Japanese カネヨ Kaneyo From お金 okane meaning money.
English, German, Italian Madame Muchmoney From "much money"
French Mme Pleinosas
Finnish Rouva Rubiini Literally "Mrs. Ruby"
Polish Pani Muchmoney*
Madame Muchmoney*
Literally "Mrs. Muchmoney"
Same as her English name
Swedish Madam Fetrik Literally "Madame Very rich"

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