Kudo (Japanese: クドウ Kudō) is a character of the day in the Pokémon anime. He is an archaeologist and a Pokémon researcher who appeared in Part Two of The Legend of Thunder!.


Officer Jenny escorted Kudo to the Pokémon Center to see Raikou as it was receiving treatment because of its run-in with Hun and Attila. He suggested that Raikou did not trust humans at all, citing its lengthy history with people who tried to control it. Kudo recommended that it must be returned to the wild as soon as possible.

Kudo's expertise would have offered valuable insight, though he was quickly relegated to the sidelines by Legendary Pokémon enthusiast Eugene. He remained on standby at the Pokémon Center as Eugene, along with Marina and Jimmy, followed Raikou after its sudden escape.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 布川敏和 Toshikazu Fukawa
English Greg Abbey
European Spanish Pablo Tribaldos

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