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Keaton (Japanese: カナザワ Kanazawa) is a character of the day who appeared in The Forest Champion!. He looks after a forest located somewhere near Geosenge Town.

Keaton had observed a Hawlucha that lived in the forest he had been guarding for a long time. This Hawlucha used to protect other forest Pokémon that were in danger. One day, Ash and his friends came through the forest and witnessed how an Ursaring was about to steal Berries from a group of Pokémon. Then Hawlucha appeared and fought the Ursaring. As they watched in amazement, Keaton appeared and explained to the group more about Hawlucha's behavior. When Hawlucha was in danger itself when Ursaring was about to throw a rock on it, Ash stepped in and had his Pikachu use Iron Tail to finally drive Ursaring off. Afterwards Ash wanted to know more about Hawlucha, and so Keaton took them to his home to explain more.

Keaton told the group Hawlucha just appeared in the forest one day. The forest was known for being full of Pokémon practicing martial arts, and Keaton concluded Hawlucha came to test its skills. Day after day Hawlucha defeated the veteran Pokémon of the forest, and as such it came to be known as the "forest champion". Keaton greatly appreciated Hawlucha's presence, as it helped him in protecting the forest. Noticing Ash's interest in Hawlucha, Keaton proposed to take him to its training spot, which Ash happily accepted.

He took the group to the spot and watched Ash as he helped Hawlucha train. Afterwards, Serena noticed a group of Pokémon that was coming their way. Keaton recognized them as the group of Pokémon that all of the other Pokémon in the forest despised, with Ursaring being amongst them. He also noticed a Machamp, and explained to the group how this Machamp used to be the forest champion and protect the other Pokémon, until Hawlucha appeared and they formed a rivalry. Hawlucha managed to beat Machamp many times, and as such Hawlucha eventually took Machamp's place. Machamp left for the mountains to train and was not heard of anymore, until now.

Machamp challenged Hawlucha to a one-on-one battle, which it accepted. Keaton then analyzed every move in the fight. After the fight, Keaton watched Ash battle Hawlucha with his Froakie. After it ended in a draw, Keaton asked Hawlucha if it wanted to join Ash, to which it nodded. Then, Machamp appeared again and promised it would now look after the forest again. As Ash caught Hawlucha, Keaton asked him to take care of Hawlucha for him and to have it take part in even more passionate battles, which Ash promised. The group then said their farewells to Keaton as they continued their journey towards Shalour City.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 坂本くんぺい Kunpei Sakamoto
English David Wills
Finnish Peter Pihlström
Hebrew גדי לוי Gadi Levy
Polish Karol Wróblewski
Brazilian Portuguese Fábio de Castro
European Spanish Fernando Castro

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