If you were looking for the Elite Four member whose Japanese name is also Kanna, see Lorelei.

(Japanese: カンナ Kanna) is a character from Pocket Monsters XY: The Legend of the Pokémon Dragon King. She debuted in LDK1. She is Akira's sister.



Kanna has taken the role of looking out for Akira when he dealt with any tasks she saw to be dangerous.


While Akira was sneaking out the house to find the Charizardite X, he got caught by Kanna who didn't allow him to leave. Even though she became curious about his mission, Kanna decided to let him leave and then watches him as he flew off on his Charizard.

Later, Kanna was one of the people in the audience watching Akira compete in the Dragon King Cup.


Kanna's main Pokémon is an Inkay.

None of Inkay's moves are known.

Debut I Want a New Evolution!!

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