Jamboree (TCG)

Jamboree was a name given to the last set Wizards of the Coast intended to release after losing the Pokémon TCG license. However, it was never released.

Set size

  • Unknown


  • If the set were released when Wizards stated, it would have been the 16th English Expansion (17th if Legendary Collection 2 was released)

Release date

  • Fall 2003

The set was meant to be released after Skyridge and Legendary Collection 2, but was prevented from being released by Nintendo.


  • The basis of Jamboree is exactly what its name implied; a fun mix of Pokémon cards. Taking cues from other previously unreleased sets Crosstrainer and the Unnamed Wizards Set, Jamboree was going to have a number of cards Wizards created on their own and other cards never previously released in English from sets like the Vending Machine cards and other promos. Ultimately, Jamboree might have actually brought American and European players up to date with Japanese players, as many Japanese cards have yet to be released in English.
  • A lot for this set, like promotional material and box and pack designs, were created, finalized and ready to be released. However, Nintendo prevented this set from being released, so it never made it into the hands of players.

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