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Interdream Zone 夢のはざま
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Between dreams and reality
Region: None
Generations: V

Location of Interdream Zone in None.
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The Interdream Zone (Japanese: のはざま Interdream) is the main location of Pokémon Dream Radar. It is described as "the space between dreams and reality" by Professor Burnet, who studies the Interdream Zone. Dream Clouds materialize in the Interdream Zone.

In the games

The Interdream Zone is automatically entered when beginning a search from the game's main menu. It is displayed as augmented reality with the help of the Nintendo 3DS's outer cameras. In addition to real-world surroundings, Dream Clouds and objects generated by them may also be visible. When Dream Clouds are hit using the Energy Pack's Beam, they may release Dream Orbs or moving spheres. Dream Orbs can be obtained when shot; spheres in normal situations can be revealed to be Pokémon or items dropped by Pokémon and subsequently be captured by being shot at. Additionally, the Forces of Nature may appear in their Therian Forme in specific situations when a Dream Cloud is hit. When in the Interdream Zone, the number of available Dream Clouds is displayed in the top-left corner of the touchscreen. When all Dream Clouds are destroyed and their contents collected, the player automatically exits the Interdream Zone as the search ends.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 夢之縫隙 Muhng-jī Fuhnggwīk
Mandarin 夢之縫隙 / 梦之缝隙 Mèng-zhī Fèngxì
France Flag.png French Interstice du rêve
Germany Flag.png German Traumkluft
Italy Flag.png Italian Dimensione onirica
South Korea Flag.png Korean 꿈의 틈새 Kkum-ui Teumsae
Spain Flag.png Spanish Dimensión Onírica

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