Horacio's Vikavolt

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Horacio's Vikavolt
ハヤテのクワガノン Hayate's Kuwagannon
Horacio Vikavolt.png
Horacio's Vikavolt
Debuts in Mounting an Electrifying Charge!
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Prior to A High-Speed Awakening!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Nature Timid[1]
Current location With Horacio
HOME737 s.png HOME738 s.png
This Pokémon spent between 64 and 78 episodes as Charjabug.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Charjabug Unknown Abe Goldfarb
As Vikavolt Unknown N/A

Horacio's Vikavolt (Japanese: ハヤテのクワガノン Hayate's Kuwagannon) is Horacio's only known Pokémon.


As a Charjabug

Prior to Mounting an Electrifying Charge!, Vikavolt, as a Charjabug, was given to Horacio by his father. In Mounting an Electrifying Charge!, Charjabug was entered in the Charjabug race Koko Cup, believing that its supreme equipment and Speed-enhancing Nature would guarantee a victory for Horacio. However, during the race, he constantly kept pushing Charjabug to its limits, and eventually, it failed to even reach the goal due to an icy slope. Charjabug ended up losing to Sophocles and his Charjabug.

In Evolving Research!, Horacio planned to evolve his Charjabug at Vast Poni Canyon, believing that a Bug Stone was required to make the evolution happen. Horacio and Sophocles had a competition where the first person to get the stone would win. Horacio and Charjabug had an advantage going through a cave as Sophocles was afraid of the dark. Horacio and Charjabug were crossing a bridge to where the Bug Stone was when it collapsed, leaving Horacio and Charjabug trapped. They were saved when Sophocles's Charjabug evolved into Vikavolt. Horacio was given the Bug Stone as Sophocles didn't require it where it was discovered that the Bug Stone wouldn't evolve Charjabug.

In A High-Speed Awakening!, Charjabug was revealed to have evolved into Vikavolt when Horacio entered the Vikavolt race. It went up against Sophocles's Vikavolt but fell into a trap laid by Team Rocket. Vikavolt was able to free itself and helped Sophocles's Vikavolt to deal with Team Rocket and freed the other Vikavolt before Bewear showed up. The race recommenced, and Horacio's Vikavolt came a close second behind Sophocles's Vikavolt.

Personality and characteristics

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Moves used

Using Charge Beam
Move First Used In
Charge Beam A High-Speed Awakening!
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  • The evolution of Horacio's Vikavolt marks the first time in the anime a known Shiny Pokémon has evolved.
  • The car that Charjabug had driven resembles a Shiny Genesect.
  • Charjabug's color scheme and car design is a reference to the character Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam. Horacio's team's name, the Red Comet team (Japanese: チーム赤い流星 Team Red Meteor), is a reference to Char's epithet, the Red Comet (Japanese: 赤い彗星).
    • After evolving, Vikavolt was nicknamed the (Japanese: 白い彗星 White Comet). This is a reference to the nickname one of the main characters from Initial D, whose art style was parodied by James in A High-Speed Awakening!, the episode in which Vikavolt first appeared.

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