Head Nurse

The Head Nurse (Japanese: 師長 Chief Nurse) is a character of the day who appeared in A Giga Battle with Mega Results!.

The Head Nurse

The Head Nurse appeared in a flashback when Nurse Joy explained the tensions going on between her and Audino have occurred before they were paired up. After Nurse Joy graduated from nursing school, all of the Nurse Joys received Wigglytuff except for the particular one who received Audino. The Head Nurse explained that she had a tendency of getting distracted by other things instead of focusing on her tasks, so they gave an Audino which was a veteran assistant to the Nurse Joys. The Head Nurse was confident enough that Audino would be a great assistant to the particular Nurse Joy.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 伊東みやこ Miyako Itō
English Michele Knotz
Polish Anna Ułas
Brazilian Portuguese Telma Costa
European Spanish Milagros Fernández

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