Girls' Night Out (TCG)

The Girl's Night Out Deck is a GrassWater type deck found in the Gym Heroes Strategy Guide. The deck is classified as one of the easy-to-build decks, containing more common cards and less strategy than advanced decks.


This deck may be "for the girls," but anyone can play it. Misty and Erika are two powerful trainers, and they work well together here. When playing this deck, evolve Erika's Bellsprout and Weepinbell into Erika's Victreebel as soon as possible. Then use Erika's Victreebel's Pokémon Power: Fragrance Trap to force your opponent's weaker Pokémon to be the Active Pokémon and Use Energy Removal to keep that Pokémon from retreating.

If your opponent gets smart and doesn't put any more weak Pokémon on the Bench, you can use Erika's Perfume and make your opponent fill the Bench anyway. Pokémon can't hide in the hand or on the Bench when Erika's around! Finally, Misty's got Erika covered with the power of water. If any hard-hitting Fire Pokémon try to burn out Erika's Grass attacks, use Misty's Water Pokémon to put a damper on your opponent's party.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Erika's Bellsprout    
Erika's Weepinbell    
Erika's Victreebel    
Misty's Poliwag    
Misty's Poliwhirl    
Misty's Tentacool    
Misty's Horsea    
Bill T  
Energy Removal T  
Energy Search T  
Erika's Perfume T  
Professor Oak T  
Super Energy Removal T  
Grass Energy   E
14× Water Energy   E

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