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(Japanese: ガンモ Ganmo) is a character of the day who appeared in SM118. He is one of the ninjas in the Kantonian Gym, and is in charge of its second floor.

Ganmo presented Ash and his classmates with a banquet of food, which they proceeded to enjoy. After they finished it, Ganmo declared that they had all completed his task. Lillie was surprised that all they had to do was eat, but he explained the task was for participants to truly appreciate all that Malie City has to offer.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ガンモ Ganmo From がんもどき ganmodoki (a fried tofu fritter made with vegetables)


  • Ganmo, like his fellow ninjas at the Kantonian Gym, usually ends his sentences with a particular phrase or word—in his case, "de gozaru" or simply "gozaru".

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