Fernando (Japanese: ミツジ Mitsuji) is a character of the day who appeared in Tricks of the Trade.


He was a very capable Tauros Trainer, and was first seen managing his fifth consecutive victory in the Tauros competition of the Pokémon Swap Meet in Palmpona, an unprecedented feat. In his next appearance, he had won his tenth straight battle and looked set to retire undefeated before Ash and his Tauros arrived and successfully took the title away from him.

Some time after the battle, Fernando met up with Ash during the Swap Meet with some other Trainers, informing him that his Tauros was great. He even offered to trade his Nidoqueen for Ash's Tauros. Ash declined this offer, however, much to Fernando's disbelief.


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On hand

This is a listing of Fernando's known Pokémon:

Fernando's Tauros was used in the Tauros battling competition in the Pokémon Swap Meet. He managed to defeat ten other Tauros, and put up an excellent fight against Ash's. However, Ash's Tauros was much stronger and hurled Fernando's into the arena wall, eliminating him from the matches and breaking the winning streak.

Tauros's known moves are Tackle and Take Down.

Debut Tricks of the Trade


After Fernando lost to Ash in the Tauros battling competition, he came up to Ash, offering his Nidoqueen to trade against Tauros. Ash declined this offer, however.

None of Nidoqueen's moves are known.

Debut Tricks of the Trade

Pokémon competitions

Fernando has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 遊佐浩二 Kōji Yusa
English Ted Lewis
Arabic طارق كعكاتي Tariq Kaakati
Czech Daniel Tůma
Italian Luca Sandri (Mediaset dub)
Davide Albano (K2 dub)
Polish Wojciech Majchrzak
Brazilian Portuguese Figueira Júnior
European Spanish Miguel Ángel Garzón


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