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If you were looking for the character of the day from I Feel Skitty!, see Eliza. If you were looking for the Nimbasa City Gym Leader, see Elesa.


Elisa (Japanese: アキコ Akiko) is a character of the day who appeared in Beg, Burrow and Steal.

Elisa is a Pokémon Ranger who works and lives on Izabe Island. A lifelong friend of Hal's, Elisa always doubted her friend when he told her about a secret Pokémon paradise that he had seen when he was much younger. Elisa was too busy working at a Pokémon reserve to pay attention to what Hal was telling her, and refused to believe his story.

However, after following a Trapinch with a tracking device on it, Elisa discovered, along with Ash and his friends that Hal was indeed telling the truth. Once she saw the paradise, Elisa apologized to her friend. Hal accepted, and immediately proposed to his friend. She accepted, and both promised that they would keep the paradise safe from the likes of Team Rocket for years to come.


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Elisa's Meganium
Meganium was used by Eliza to stop a charging Donphan, and later against Team Rocket.

Meganium's known moves are Razor Leaf and Sweet Scent.

Debut Beg, Burrow and Steal

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese AKIKO
English Karen Neill
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Brazilian Portuguese Denise Reis
European Spanish Gloria Núñez


  • She shares her Japanese name with her voice actor.

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