Egg case

An Egg case is an anime-exclusive item, in which individual Pokémon Eggs are usually kept. Egg cases are small and compact and act like incubators as they protect the Egg inside from harm. The glass container is cylindrical; it has a yellow lid, a pillow-like blanket at the bottom on which the Egg sits, and a Poké Ball on the handle for putting the newly hatched Pokémon in.

An Egg case

Egg cases have been used for several Eggs owned by Ash and his friends. Ash's Phanpy and May's Eevee are two Pokémon who have hatched out of such cases. Manaphy had a different Egg case: the container was filled with water, had a gray top and bottom, and a light with a switch.

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  Italian Contenitore Uova
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