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(Japanese: ダイト Daito) is a character from Pocket Monsters XY: The Legend of the Pokémon Dragon King. He appeared in LDK0.

Daito had a battle with Koji with Aggron, demanding him to hand over the Mega Ring. Koji responded to this by having his Garchomp prevent Daito from attacking any further. Daito loses track of Koji when Mori led Koji to safety.

Later, Daito hid in a cave and leaped out when Koji and Mori arrived. He took Mori hostage and demanded Koji to hand over the Mega Ring once more. Koji once again responds by having Garchomp battle them. Unfortunately, Daito's Aggron causes a cave-in that trapped Garchomp under the rubble.

Garchomp managed to escape by Mega Evolving into a Mega Garchomp. Daito ordered Aggron to attack but Mega Garchomp's new power became too much for Daito and Aggron and both of them were sent flying.


Aggron is Daito's only known Pokémon. During its battle with Koji's Garchomp, Aggron was easily able to hold its own against Garchomp's Dragon-type moves but was defeated when Garchomp Mega Evolved.

None of Aggron's moves are known.

Debut LDK0

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