Christopher and Jeannie

Christopher (Japanese: カラザ Karaza) and Jeannie (Japanese: キミ Kimi) are characters of the day who appeared in May's Egg-cellent Adventure. They are husband and wife, and own a Kanto breeding center with their daughter Nicolette.

Christopher (right) with Jeannie (left)

The couple invite Ash and his friends into their house after Nicolette recognized May as the winner of the Saffron City Contest. Christopher told the group about his and Jeannie's job as farm ranchers and gave the group a tour of the nursery storage areas, stocked full of Eggs,

While they were having dinner, Christopher, Jeannie, and the group went outside and noticed a giant Egg left by Team Rocket with a note attached to it. Reading the note, they wheeled the Egg into the storage room for its safety while Christopher and Jeannie showed the group an incubator that holds Eggs that are about to hatch. Unfortunately, the giant Egg was a mecha that Meowth was controlling and it went ahead and stole many of the Eggs in the storage rooms. Christopher and Jeannie watched as Nicolette and May took on Team Rocket. Jeannie recovered one of the Eggs and Christopher and the group recovered the rest of the them.

After Pikachu finished Team Rocket off with Volt Tackle, the group watched as Vulpix's Egg hatched the next morning. For helping Nicolette out with her confidence, Christopher rewarded May with an Egg before she and her friends resume their travels.


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In order to protect their breeding center, Christopher and Jeannie own Voltorb as guards.

The two Voltorb's only known move is Thunderbolt.

Debut May's Egg-cellent Adventure
Pokémon Eggs
Christopher and Jeannie take care of many Eggs at their breeding center. The Pokémon they breed include Aipom, Chinchou, Cleffa, Eevee, Igglybuff, Ledyba, Magby, Makuhita, Pichu, Sandshrew, Sentret, Skitty, Smoochum, Spinarak, Teddiursa, Wooper, and Vulpix.

One of the Eggs was given to May, and it eventually hatched into an Eevee and later evolved into a Glaceon.

Debut May's Egg-cellent Adventure

Egg → Vulpix
This Vulpix hatched from as Egg as Ash and his friends visited Christopher and Jeannie's breeding center.

None of Vulpix's moves are known.

Debut May's Egg-cellent Adventure
Voice actors
English Rachael Lillis

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Karaza: 三宅健太 Kenta Miyake
Kimi: 櫻井智 Tomo Sakurai
English Christopher: Robert O'Gorman
Jeannie: Hilary Thomas
Finnish Christopher: Pasi Ruohonen
Jeannie: Jenni Sivonen
European French Christopher: Benoît Van Dorslaer
Jeannie: Delphine Chauvier
Italian Christopher: Gianluca Iacono
Jeannie: Monica Bonetto
Brazilian Portuguese Christopher: Ricardo Sawaya
Jeannie: Sílvia Suzy
European Spanish Christopher: Miguel Ángel del Hoyo
Jeannie: Maite Tajadura


  • The name Karaza is directly based on the term "chalaza", whereas Kimi means "egg yolk."

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