C Beach

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C Beach (Japanese: チラーミィかいがん Chillarmy Coast) is the fourth course in Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure. It is based on the C key. It is located in the blue area.

This course is unlocked by completing D Rocky Pass. Alternatively, it can be unlocked by achieving 4000 points or more on the first successful completion of X Resort.

Completing this course unlocks Space Hiking.


As one of the blue courses, it requires the player to type characters from a specific area on the keyboard, rather than particular Pokémon's names. As such, the Pokémon that appear here cannot be researched and Typing Balls are not used.

In this course, Pokémon roll along the beach balancing on top of balls marked with letters to be typed. Only the characters on the keys directly below the home row appear, being ZXCVM,./ in the English version.


Pokémon Rarity Notes
  Minccino Common Cannot be researched here
  Azurill Common Cannot be researched here
  Panpour Common Cannot be researched here
  Vaporeon Rare Cannot be researched here


Medal Requirement
  Bronze Type the keys on the balls to reach the end!
  Silver Correctly type the keys on the balls 10 times in a row!
  Gold Correctly type the keys on the balls 20 times in a row!

In other languages

Language Title
  French Plage du C
  German C-Strand
  Italian Spiaggia della C
  Spanish Costa de la C

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