Blake (XY045)

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Blake (Japanese: リュウジ Ryūji) is a character of the day who appeared in Splitting Heirs!. He is the younger brother of Heath.


When they were young, Blake and Heath used to go on adventures, and often got themselves scratched up. They used to get along very well, and eventually, both got an Espurr from their father. However, after their Espurr both evolved into Meowstic, they started to quarrel often. Wanting to prove himself to his brother, who often bossed Blake around, and father, Blake left home to go on a journey.

One year later, Blake encountered Ash and his friends, sharing a meal with them before he planned to return home. They soon encountered Blake's brother Heath, who was also returning from his own journey, after Bonnie wandered off and got attacked by a group of Beedrill. Although Heath protected her from the attacks, Blake and his Meowstic drove the Beedrill off. Blake and Heath immediately started to argue again after the incident, causing Ash and his friends to wonder what was going on.

Young Blake and Heath

The brothers decided to go home together and get Bonnie patched up from her injuries. At their home, Blake and Heath met up with their parents for the first time in a long while. They explained to their father that they became stronger, and he informed them that it was time to undergo the family tradition meant to choose its next heir. The tradition was a trial that consisted of a treasure hunt for the family's properties. Blake received help from Ash and Clemont.

The brothers each returned with several items, but none were the treasure their father was looking for. Their father gave them a couple of hints: the treasure was somewhere outside the mansion and was somehow connected to them. Blake soon remembered that when he and Heath were younger, they found some rare flowers and brought them to their parents. He determined these flowers were the treasure. However, as he got to the location of the flowers, he found out Heath had also thought about this. At the site, they were confronted with an angry Exploud, which they battled. The Exploud was later revealed to be their father's, who had used it to get Blake and Heath to remember how well they actually got along and that their closeness was the family's treasure. The brothers reconciled, and afterwards, they bade farewell to Ash and his friends.



Espurr → Meowstic
Meowstic is Blake's only known Pokémon.

Blake received Meowstic as an Espurr, which was a gift from Blake and Heath's father. Blake, his brother Heath, and Heath's Espurr. At some point, both Blake's and Heath's Espurr evolved into Meowstic. After this, the brothers started to argue often and he joined Blake on his Pokémon journey.

One year later, he met and ate with Ash, his friends, Blake, and their Pokémon. He was later used to drive off a group of Beedrill which were threatening Bonnie. Afterwards he joined his Trainer when he visited his home, and helped him in Blake and Heath's father's treasure hunt to decide the next heir of the family.

He was later used alongside Heath's Meowstic to battle an angry Exploud, which was later revealed to belong to Blake and Heath's father. Cooperating very well, the Meowstic managed to defeat the Exploud together. After the battle Heath's Meowstic showed her affection for him. They had been with each other for a long time and had missed one another when their Trainers parted ways. Blake told them they could stay together now.

Meowstic's known moves are Energy Ball and Scratch.

Debut Splitting Heirs!
Voice actors
Japanese Yuka Terasaki
English Sarah Natochenny

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 浅利遼太 Ryōta Asari
Finnish Unknown
Katja Sirkiä (child)
European French Antoni Lo Presti
Italian Stefano Pozzi
Polish Paweł Krucz
Brazilian Portuguese Michel di Fiori
European Spanish Jesús Pinillos

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