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(Japanese: アユミ Ayumi) is a character of the day who appeared in BWS01.


Ayumi first appeared when she ran into the Pokémon Center, worried about her Pikachu. She told Nurse Joy that her Pikachu wasn't able to use Thunderbolt properly, and she was concerned something may be wrong with her. Cilan asked Ayumi how long ago Pikachu learned Thunderbolt, to which she responded that she learned the move about a week ago. Cilan explained to Ayumi that she just needed to practice the move with Pikachu and offered to be her partner; she happily accepted his offer.

Outside, Ayumi and Pikachu battled Cilan and Stunfisk. The first Thunderbolt didn't work, but after Ayumi calmed down, Pikachu successfully used the move. She appeared later on when she wished Officer Jenny and Cilan good luck in calming a rampaging Gyarados. Afterwards, she ran into the Pokémon Center once again to warn Nurse Joy and Brock that Gyarados was in trouble.


Pikachu is Ayumi's partner Pokémon. Cilan and Brock took care of Pikachu by giving her Pokémon food, which she accepted. Afterwards, Pikachu battled with Cilan's Stunfisk and after calming down she successfully used Thunderbolt on Stunfisk. After the battle, Pikachu happily played with Stunfisk.

Pikachu's only known move is Thunderbolt.

Debut BWS01
Voice actors
Japanese Mariya Ise

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 安野希世乃 Kiyono Yasuno

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