Avery (BW012)

Avery (Japanese: ヒロタ Hirota) is a character of the day who appeared in Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!. His friends sometimes refer to him as Avey (Japanese: ヒロタン Hirotan) as a nickname.


Avery is a kindergartner who goes to a Kindergarten run by Daniela. One day, Avery and his friends found a Trubbish at a garbage dump near the Kindergarten. He took it to Daniela, who thought it would eat the children's toys. This led her to return it to the dump. Avery and his friends were angered by this and turned the dump into a secret base, rebelling against Daniela. When Ash and his friends were on their way to Nacrene City, Avery and his friends came by on their tricycles, throwing mud balls at Ash and taking his hat.

When Ash tried to get in the secret base, Avery took him in as a hostage, but came to like Ash and his Pikachu. He even gave his hat back. Then, a Sandile appeared and attacked Avery, but Trubbish saved him. When the base started to collapse as a result of the attack, Daniela quickly saved Avery from being crushed by a box. In the end, Daniela's attitude towards Trubbish softened and Avery and his friends were allowed to keep it.

He reappeared in a flashback in Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!.



Avery first encountered Trubbish when he and his friends found it at a garbage dump. The teacher didn't allow them to keep it, due to her fear that it would live up to its reputation and eat the children's toys. As a result, her students rebelled against her and kept Trubbish in their self-made secret base, not allowing her to approach. Even after Trubbish saved the kids from a Sandile that attacked them, she still wished to get rid of it, until the secret base started to collapse and it saved one of the children. As a result, her attitude towards it softened, and she allowed Trubbish to stay.

It reappeared in a flashback in Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!

Trubbish's known moves are Poison Gas, Sludge Bomb*, and Toxic Spikes, and its Ability is Stench.

Debut Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!
Voice actors
Japanese Chiaki Takahashi
English Ben Wayland

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 福圓美里 Misato Fukuen
English Rachel Butera
Czech Vojtěch Hájek
Finnish Katja Sirkiä
German Stephanie Kellner
Italian Serena Clerici
Norwegian Lena Meieran
Polish Brygida Turowska-Szymczak
Brazilian Portuguese Daniel Figueira
Spanish Latin America Isabel Martiñón
Spain Pilar Martín

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