Appendix:Pokémon Ranger 2 walkthrough/Character list

This is a list of characters for the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

List of important Rangers and other heroes

  • Protagonist
The protagonist is a student who someday hopes to become a Pokémon Ranger. After some training, he or she does become a Ranger, and, after a while, becomes the best-known Ranger in Almia! First you choose male or female. Then, you enter a name. If you choose not to enter a name, the name Kellyn (male) or Kate (female) will automatically be given to you.
Crawford (the ranger with puffed-out hair) is an older Ranger who helps you later in your adventure.
Keith is somewhat akin to your Rival in the regular Pokémon games, except that he is a Ranger for Fiore rather than Almia. Needless to say, you won't be seeing him very often. However, one or two of his adventures may show up in the Almia Times. He does return to help with your later missions.
Vientown's Ranger Leader, Barlow is a macho Ranger with a mustache. He assigns you on your missions early on in the game.
Professor Hastings created the Capture Styler. However, he wants to create a more powerful one, but first, he has some secrets to tell you...
This old lady is the head of all Pokémon Rangers. Even Top Rangers must answer to her!
Rhythmi is an Operator, someone who recharges your Styler and monitors Ranger missions.
Sven is one of the 12 Top Rangers. He wears a cowboy hat and is always ready for adventure!
Another Top Ranger, Wendy is a huge fan of Staraptor and eventually teaches you how to ride one.

List of villains / bad guys

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Though he used to be your brilliant classmate, Isaac now works for Team Dim Sun. He is working on developing a machine that will give Team Dim Sun world domination!
Dim Sun minions will be encountered frequently throughout the game. However, they tend to have weak Pokémon.
Dim Sun admins have stronger Pokémon than minions. They will be encountered more frequently later in the game.
While Kincaid masquerades as a teacher, he is actually a member of Team Dim Sun who recruits potential Rangers into their evil ranks.
One of the high-ranking Dim Sun members, Heath has extremely strong Electric and Ground-type Pokémon.
Lavanna is one of the most powerful members of Team Dim Sun. She is also an expert with Fire-type Pokémon.
Ice is the leader of the Sinistrio; he is cold and calculating and a master with Ice-type Pokémon.
Wheeler is a high rank Team Dim Sun member, often working with many Bidoof.
The mysterious leader of Team Dim Sun isn't revealed for a long time. Eventually, you find his true identity- an incredible shock to the entire region of Almia!
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