Abigail (Japanese: アマノ Amano) is a character of the day who appeared in Cooking Up a Sweet Story. She runs a Sinnoh bakery café alongside her niece Theresa. Abigail is also a bake-off champion.


Her Pikachu, nicknamed Sugar, ran away to try to find a way to toast some Aspear Berries for an upcoming bake-off competition. Determined to assist Abigail, Theresa found Ash's Pikachu for a substitute for Sugar. The ploy worked for a while, with Abigail using Pikachu to forrage for Berries. Abigail and Pikachu later challenged Ash to a battle. Just before Aipom was about to hurt Pikachu for the first time, she threw in the towel and quit.

Finally, as Ash was about to reveal the truth, Abigail revealed that she already knew that Ash's Pikachu wasn't her Sugar. Soon after, Team Rocket came and kidnapped Pikachu. Abigail inspired everyone to chase after Team Rocket's latest mecha. Sugar came back as a Raichu and rescued Pikachu. In the end, Sugar helped Abigail make an amazing cake, using its powerful Thunderbolt and Focus Punch.


On hand

Abigail's only Pokémon is a Raichu that she has owned since he was a Pikachu which she had named Sugar (Japanese: シュガー Sugar). Sugar had the peculiar habit of scratching his head with his tail. Abigail and Sugar were famous cake-makers, as Abigail would use Sugar to collect Aspear Berries in order to make her famous delicious cakes. However, Abigail was so focused on toasting the Berries with Thunderbolt just right that Sugar ran off, and Abigail was upset, believing she had driven her loyal Pikachu away.

Some time later, Sugar returned to help out against Team Rocket. It turned out Abigail hadn't driven Sugar away but he had run off in order to become stronger, so he could toast the berries better. Due to his hard work and his exposure to a Thunder Stone, Sugar evolved into a Raichu and had learned Focus Punch. After using his attacks to drive Team Rocket away, Sugar resumed his place at Abigail's side and continued to bake delicious cakes.

Sugar's known moves are Thunderbolt and Focus Punch.

Debut Cooking Up a Sweet Story!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Chinami Nishimura


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After Sugar ran off, Abigail felt very depressed. Abigail's niece, Theresa, wanted to cheer Abigail up and encountered Ash and his Pikachu. Ash agreed to allow Pikachu to imitate Sugar for a few days to allow Abigail to focus on an upcoming cookoff.

At first, it seemed Abigail had fallen for the ploy and used Pikachu to collect berries and battle Team Rocket, but then she challenged Ash to a battle. Although he initially had doubts, Ash was able to have Aipom put up a good fight against Pikachu, but as she started to gain the upper hand, Abigail forfeited the match. Later, when Ash went to tell Abigail the truth, Abigail admitted she had known Pikachu wasn't Sugar for a while, being able to tell the difference in the way Pikachu collected the Aspear Berries.

Under Abigail's command, the only move Pikachu used was Thunderbolt.

Debut Pokémon - I Choose You!
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Otani
English Ikue Otani

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 寺内よりえ Yorie Terauchi
English Michele Knotz
Czech Jitka Moučková
Finnish Elise Langenoja
European French Fabienne Loriaux
Italian Caterina Rochira
Norwegian Siv Klynderud
Polish Anna Apostolakis
European Spanish María Romero

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