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This is where I will make notes of interesting tidbits I find while reading Takeshi Shudo's novelizations of the anime - usually extra trivia about the anime world and characters that we can assume Shudo couldn't fit into the anime itself for one reason or another.

Can these be considered canon? Hell if I know, I'm just putting them up and other people can judge. \o/

But I'm being a dork and putting this up when I've only read the first twenty pages to far, so there's not much yet. orz

Vol. 1 旅立ち - Departure

ポケットモンスター The Animation VOL.1 旅立ち
Story by 首藤剛志
Illustrations by 一石小百合
Published November 1, 1997
ISBN 978-4-09-440541-5 (4-09-440541-0)


Chapter 1 旅立ちは、パジャマのままで。 - Setting Off In Pajamas.

  • p. 16-17
Compulsory education ends once children reach ten years of age, as they are then considered adults. As of the April following their tenth birthday, they may continue on to secondary education, or leave school to pursue other interests, be it Pokemon training, starting the career of their choice, or even getting married.

Chapter 2 しびれる出会いはピカチュウと - A Shocking Meeting with Pikachu

Chapter 3 旅立ちの日はオニスズメ - Spearow on Departure Day

Chapter 4 ニャース・アタック - Meowth Attack

Chapter 5 森を抜けて - Escape the Forest

Chapter 6 バタフリー飛んだ! - Butterfree Took Flight!

Vol. 2 仲間 - Companions

ポケットモンスター The Animation VOL.2 仲間
Story by 首藤剛志
Illustrations by 一石小百合
Published November 1, 1999
ISBN 978-4-09-440542-2 (4-09-440542-9)


Chapter 1 ニビシティのイワーク - Onix of Pewter City

Chapter 2 ゲット・グレーバッジ - Get the Boulder Badge

Chapter 3 ハナダシティの四姉妹 - The Four Sisters of Cerulean City

Chapter 4 クチバジムの対決 - Showdown at Vermilion Gym

付録 - Appendix