763Tsareena.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Tsareena.
Pokémon TV.png This user watches the Pokémon anime on Pokémon TV.
no Denne brukeren har norsk som morsmål.
243.png This user comes from Norway.
164.png This user doesn't get enough sleep.
Legends Arceus Mai.png This user loves Mai.
Spr B2W2 Elesa.png This user loves Elesa.
Project CharacterDex logo.png This user is a member of Project CharacterDex.
129.png This user is afraid of fish.
Spr 4d 289.png This user picks their nose.
493 s.png This user doesn't like cheating in Pokémon games.
463.png This user eats candy.
481.png This user is emotional.
149.png This user likes mythical creatures.

I mostly make edits related to characters, the TCG and some about Pokémon in Norway, like Norwegian episode titles.

Current to-do list:

  • Make page proposing new quote page structure
  • Add sources to character artwork