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General Info
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About Me

I have been playing these games since Red came out in the United states. My first pokémon was Charmander, and as such I am quite attached to the charmander line. For example, as far as the debate between Venusaur/Blastoise/Charizard, I will pick Charizard every time. I refer to springtime as "Pokémon Season" because I always seem to get up an urge to play agan/more often depending on the circumstances. I nearly have the Gen III pokédex completed. I have all of the in-game Gen. III obtainable berries, except the elusive Liechi Berry. With the February/March Gamestop Jirachi event, I hope to finally remedy that situation.

Pokémon Breeding

Currently, I am not taking breeding requests. I still haven't got the whole thing quite set up or figured out yet. I've got at least one of every nature of Ditto with perfect IV's, except for Jolly. (I've got at least 50 dittos, though.) All of these dittos were caught and currently reside in my Emerald game pack. I have yet to migrate them to Platinum. (All of them were caught randomly, meaning that I did not using the soft reset exploit[1].) To calculate the IV values, I use Metalkid's IV calculator[2].


  • I have never once cheated in any pokémon game.
  • It took me more squares to catch Feebas than statistics would dictate.
  • I caught my first (and only) shiny while searching for a Feebas. It was a Carvanha.
  • I have 95 rare candies reserved for calculating IV values. All of them were obtained using a Linoone with Pickup.