Jewel Tower

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Jewel Tower ジュエルタワー
Jewel Tower
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Next to Blue Planet
Region: Carmonte Island
Generations: VI

Location of Jewel Tower in Carmonte Island.
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Jewel Tower (Japanese: ジュエルタワー Jewel Tower) is a hotel tower located on Carmonte Island in Pokémon Duel. It is led by Master Rosé.

During the Pokémon Figure Game (PFG) World Championship tournament, Master Rosé offered the Jewel Tower itself as the tournament's ultimate prize - claimable if a participant collected all nine Emblems from Carmonte Island's hotels, and then defeated Rosé himself in a duel.

The tower also acts as a center of operations for the island, even so far as remotely controlling the power supply of all the other hotels. It has a firewall in place, but is still susceptible to remote cyberattacks, as shown by Another and Carlo both gaining unauthorized access while being in a different hotel.

While Duel's service ended before the story ever reached Jewel Tower, playable tables resembling the unreleased hotels appeared in ranked matches. The table displayed would depend on the ranks of the participating players - low-ranked players would play on a table styled after the first hotel, Ulex. As their rank increased, they may start to play on the table of the second hotel, Château de Rosa, and so on. Jewel Tower's table acted as the highest-ranked table design available.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジュエルタワー Jewel Tower From jewel
English Jewel Tower Same as Japanese name

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