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Miror B.Peon (Trainer class)

Miror B.Peon
ミラーボ手下 Mirorbo Underling
Colo Folly.pngColo Trudly.gif
Folly and Trudly, Miror B.'s more-often-seen Peons, as they appear in Pokémon Colosseum
Other names
Introduced in Generation III
Appears in Colosseum, XD
Gender Both
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Notable members Folly, Trudly, Reath, Ferma
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A Miror B.Peon (Japanese: ミラーボ手下 Mirorbo Underling) is a type of Pokémon Trainer that first debuted in the Generation III games, appearing in Pokémon Colosseum. As their name implies, they are underlings working under Miror B. Four of them appear, namely Folly, Trudly, Reath, and Ferma.


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