Ralts Picture Book (TCG)

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Ralts Picture Book
Expansion EX Ruby & Sapphire
Release date 2006
Types used PsychicFightingColorless
Coin ...

The Ralts Picture Book (Spanish: Ralts Libro Ilustrado) is a Spanish-exclusive Half Deck that complements the EX Ruby & Sapphire expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


This Half Deck was released in late 2006 alongside the Spanish expansion. It includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, a custom coin, poster, and a random bonus card.

Deck list

Ralts Picture Book
SetSymbolRuby and Sapphire.png
No. Card Type Quantity
1 Gardevoir Psychic Rare Holo×
2 Kirlia Psychic Uncommon×
2 Ralts Psychic Common×
2 Phanpy Fighting Common×
1 Donphan Fighting Rare×
2 Zigzagoon Colorless Common×
2 Taillow Colorless Common×
1 Swellow Colorless Uncommon×
2 Potion T Common×
1 Switch T Common×
1 Poké Ball T Common×
1 PokéNav T Uncommon×
6 Psychic Energy Psychic E Common×
6 Fighting Energy Fighting E Common×

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