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Yumiko Kobayashi (Japanese: 小林由美子 Kobayashi Yumiko) is a Japanese seiyū for the Pokémon anime.



Kobayashi was born on June 18, 1979, in Yōkaichiba (now Sōsa), Chiba Prefecture, Japan. As an adult, she became a seiyū and was initially affiliated with the talent agency Arts Vision, but she started freelancing in August 2007. Kobayashi occasionally lent her voice to the Pokémon anime during the original series and the Advanced Generation series. Then, during the Best Wishes series, she landed her best-known role in that anime, which was Nimbasa City Gym Leader Elesa. She is married and has two children.

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  • Kobayashi is a member of the voice actress quartet "Prits". Two of its other members, Natsuko Kuwatani and Nana Mizuki, have also voiced characters for the Pokémon anime.

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