Yuma (Japanese: ユマ Yuma) is a character of the day who appeared in What I Did for Love!. She is a Pokémon Breeder and a former Pokémon Coordinator.


Yuma approached Ash and his friends after noticing that Brock's Bonsly could only be raised by a talented Breeder. She complimented Brock on the food he gives his Pokémon and asked if he competes in Pokémon Contests. Yuma revealed that she is a former winner of the Grand Festival and said that after she became a Top Coordinator, she decided to pass on her skills to beginning Coordinators.

After being introduced to Brock's other Pokémon, Yuma suggested entering the Gardenia Town Pokémon Contest. Infatuated by her, Brock ran to the Contest Hall and got himself a Contest Pass. At the end of the first round, Yuma asked Brock if he would like to become her apprentice. However, upon seeing the Battle Round, she realized that Brock was already good enough and decided to take Mollie under her wing.

She does not appear to be bothered about Brock's feelings towards her and just laughs at his consistency when he flirts with Nurse Joy in the middle of his appeal.


Ribbons obtained

This listing is of the Ribbons Yuma has obtained:

Grand Festival ranking

Yuma has competed in the following Grand Festival tournaments:

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese 川村万梨阿 Maria Kawamura
English Jessica Wachsman
Finnish Elise Langenoja
European French Audrey d'Hulstère
Brazilian Portuguese Fernanda Bullara
European Spanish María del Mar Jorcano

Top Coordinators

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