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Yuko Sanpei (Japanese: 三瓶由布子 Sanpei Yūko) is a Japanese seiyū for the Pokémon anime.



Sanpei was born on February 28, 1986, in Tokyo, Japan. As an adult, she became a seiyū and landed a number of prominent roles in anime series since. For the Pokémon anime, she first voiced Thomas, a character of the day who appeared in the Diamond & Pearl series. Sanpei then voiced her best-known role in that anime, who was also named Sanpei, during the XY series. She was initially affiliated with the talent agency Gekidan Wakakusa, but left in May 2007 to freelance. Six months later, she joined Production Baobab. At some point, Sanpei joined Axl-One. She is married and had her first child on October 1, 2014, and her second child on July 9. 2019.

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