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Smile (Korean opening)
Korean opening themes
Pokémon Love Forever
Yes I Can!
Yes I Can!
Yes I Can!
DP OP 02
Artist 김주희,이정은
Kim Juhui, Lee Jeongeun
Lyrics 김주희
Kim Juhui
Composer 방용석
Bang Yeongseok
Arrangement 방용석
Bang Yeongseok

Yes I Can! is the second opening theme for the Korean dub of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. It debuted with DP096, replacing Smile. It uses the same footage as its corresponding Japanese opening theme, High Touch!.


Opening animation


The opening begins with multiple colors shown, as well as the faces of Ash, Dawn, and Brock. The title is then shown. The trio, with Pikachu and Piplup, are now running across a grassy plain. After a close-up of Dawn, they are now on a sailboat, with all their Pokémon and Wingull above. After a close-up of Brock, he is now seen cooking with Pikachu and Mamoswine nearby and then the Pikachu and Piplup are seen playing while the Pokémon, Ash, Dawn and Brock are seen cheering them on. Dawn, with Piplup and Ambipom, are then seen glaring at Zoey and her Glameow and Kenny and his Prinplup while Ash, with Pikachu and Monferno, glare at Paul with his Honchkrow. Dawn then slightly pushes Ash. Ash then gives her a thumbs-up as the sun rises. Close-ups of Ash, Dawn and Brock and Pikachu and Piplup are seen. They are now seen running across a map of Sinnoh. Ash and Dawn then give each other a high-five. Then, from left to right, Delia, Professor Oak, Max, Tracey, May, Misty, and Gary are seen. The Pokémon then are seen smiling in pairs; Buizel and Ambipom, Buneary and Grotle, Staraptor and Gliscor, Happiny and Pachirisu, Mamoswine and Croagunk, Monferno and Sudowoodo and, finally, Pikachu and Piplup. Team Rocket are then seen blasting off with their Pokémon, one by one. Then Saturn is seen sending out his Toxicroak. He is then joined by Mars and Jupiter. In the fiery background, Cyrus and Team Galactic's Golbat appear. J, riding her Salamence, then appears with her ship behind her. Ash's Pokémon then appear and show off their moves; Buizel uses Aqua Jet, Staraptor uses Aerial Ace, Gliscor, and then Grotle, run off, Monferno uses Flame Wheel and Pikachu uses Volt Tackle. The gang once again run across the map. Regigigas is then seen fighting Darkrai, using Hyper Beam. The opening closes with the trio, with Piplup and Pikachu, posing happily.





TV Size

Korean English
Yes I Can! Yes I Can!

다시 새로운 태양이 떠오르고
또 다른 모험이 시작되네
컨디션은 어때? 묻는다면
아주 좋아~ Yes I Can!

너와 나는 적이면서 친구야
예상할 수 없는 배틀 앞에 있어
파트너는 어때? 묻는다면
맘에 들어~ Yes I Can!

때론 상냥하게
때론 터프하게
가슴 속 엔진에 시동 걸어
꿈을 향한 열정을 보여줄 준비가 됐어

시작은 언제나 당당하게
어떤 상대라도 해볼만한 시합
물러서지 않아
승부보다 값진 너와 나 믿음 위해
Yes I Can!

휘청거릴수록 용기있게
위기는 기회의 또 다른 이름
포기하지 않아
어렵게 얻을수록 빛나는 승리로
Yes I Can!
YES!! Yes I Can!
Yes I Can! Yes I Can!

A new sun rises again
And another adventure begins
If you're asking, how is my condition?
It's really good~ Yes I Can!

Even though you and I are rivals, we're friends
An unpredictable battle awaits
If you're asking, how is your partner?
I like it~ Yes I Can!

Sometimes gentle
Sometimes tough
Start up the engine within my heart
I'm ready to show you my enthusiasm for my dream

Always starting boldly
I can challenge any opponent
I won't back down
Not for victory, but for the priceless trust between you and I
Yes I Can!

Become braver the more you stumble
Crisis is another name for opportunity
I won't give up
The harder it is to earn, the more dazzling the victory
Yes I Can!
YES!! Yes I Can!

Smile (Korean opening)
Korean opening themes
Pokémon Love Forever
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