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X & Y - Basic Yellow (TCG)

The XY Basic Yellow deck

XY Basic Yellow (X & Y - Basic Yellow) is a Theme Deck featuring Lightning and Colorless-type Pokémon. It is an exclusive deck available in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online and features Pikachu and Meowth.

This deck was unlocked once players completed the game's Tutorial Mode from July 14, 2015 to September 26, 2016 and can no longer be obtained by new players, but is still playable for those that unlocked it.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Druddigon Colorless Uncommon
Electabuzz Lightning Common
Electrike Lightning Common
Manectric Lightning Rare Holo
Farfetch'd Colorless
Pikachu Lightning Common
Raichu Lightning Uncommon
Meowth Colorless Common
Persian Colorless Rare
Escape Rope I Uncommon
Evosoda I Uncommon
Fresh Water Set I Uncommon
Great Ball I Uncommon
Max Revive I Uncommon
Pal Pad I Uncommon
Professor's Letter I Uncommon
Roller Skates I Uncommon
Muscle Band I Uncommon
Magnetic Storm St Uncommon
Tierno Su Uncommon
Pokémon Center Lady Su Uncommon
16× Lightning Energy Lightning E

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