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Woodworth (TCG)

The Woodworth Deck is a predominantly Colorless type deck found in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Fossil Expansion Player's Guide. The deck is classified as one of the tournament winning decks, containing more rare cards and strategy than other easy-to-build decks.


CONCEPTS: Named for a Texan with a mean streak, "Woodworth" is a deck creation best described as a Turbo-Wigglytuff deck with just a touch of "Fossil Tech". Everything in here is capable of making your opponent sweat. The cards included that aren't used to mess with your opponent's side of the table are all designed to pull that kind of stuff out of your deck.

TIPS FOR PLAYING: "Woodworth" is all about Beat-Down and card advantage. Don't let up, ever, no matter what opponent you may be facing. Keep the cards flowing and keep the defenders reeling. Bill! Bill! Bill! And when you've used up all those cards, Professor Oak to keep the drive alive! Seriously, do not worry about decking yourself with this weapon—you'll collect your final Prize way before that ever happens!

A perfect first turn draw will see Hitmonchan with at least 2 PlusPower cards, Jigglypuff, a few Scyther and a Professor Oak to keep the cards rolling. Wigglytuff can be fully powered with energy and bench support as early as turn 2 with this deck. And a 60 damage Do the Wave attack on turn 2 is exactly what you want to shoot for when playing it. Use Computer Search to pull an Oak to help make this happen. And if that doesn't work, Item Finder to do it again!

PITFALLS: There are some major holes in long term strategy here, but "Woodworth" shouldn't have to worry too much about the long term game. A slow start may be difficult to overcome, but Fossil Magmar adds a lot of nice status effects that can slightly stall the opponent until the right combination of cards come your way. In the end, Wigglytuff should be calling all the shots and laying waste to your opponent's ranks.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Jigglypuff Colorless Common
Wigglytuff Colorless Rare Holo
Scyther Grass Rare Holo
Magmar Fire Uncommon
Hitmonchan Fighting Rare Holo
Bill T Common
Professor Oak T Uncommon
Computer Search T Rare
Item Finder T Rare
PlusPower T Uncommon
Gust of Wind T Common
Super Energy Removal T Rare
10× Fighting Energy Fighting E Common
Fire Energy Fire E Common
Double Colorless Energy Colorless E Uncommon

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