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Winner cards
Cards in set 20
Release period December 2002 - August 2004

Winner cards are reprints of select cards from various Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions with a foil "WINNER" stamp in the bottom right corner of the card illustration. These cards were released through Pokémon League or related tournaments.


The Winner stamp was first used on cards from the Best of Game collection and were given to Pokémon Professors and Tournament Organizers of the BattleZone tournaments. The stamp itself is a gold foil "winner" in lowercase with a star for the point in "i".

After Pokémon USA acquired the TCG license, winner variants of cards released through the Pokémon League were awarded during the 2003-2004 season under the Play! Pokémon Player Rewards scheme. The stamp was updated to match the stamp featured on Prerelease cards, with a Poké Ball symbol to the left of "WINNER".

Wizards era "Winner" stamp

Following the commencement of the 2004-2005 season, individual promotional cards were phased out in favor of POP packs, though variant cards with special stamps would still be released via Premier events. Newer Winner cards feature a Poké Ball with the word WINNER written beside it in all caps.

All these cards are exclusively released in English.

Card lists

Best of Game
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
1   Electabuzz (Base Set)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] BattleZone (December 2002)
2   Hitmonchan (Base Set)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] BattleZone (February 2003)
4   Rocket's Scizor   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] BattleZone (March 2003)
5   Rocket's Sneasel   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] BattleZone (January 2003)
6   Dark Ivysaur   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] BattleZone (April 2003)
7   Dark Venusaur   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] BattleZone (May 2003)
8   Rocket's Mewtwo (Gym Challenge)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] BattleZone (June 2003)
9   Rocket's Hitmonchan (Gym Heroes)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] BattleZone (July 2003)

PUSA Winner cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
  Combusken (PUSA Promo #9)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (September 2003)
  Grovyle (PUSA Promo #4)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (October 2003)
  Marshtomp (PUSA Promo #11)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (November 2003)
  Darkness Energy (EX Ruby & Sapphire)   E [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (December 2003)
  Metal Energy (EX Ruby & Sapphire)   E [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (January 2004)
  Multi Energy (EX Sandstorm)   E [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (February 2004)
  Oran Berry (EX Ruby & Sapphire) T [Tool] [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (March 2004)
  Flygon (EX Dragon)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (April 2004)
  Salamence (EX Dragon)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (May 2004)
  Beldum (PUSA Promo #22)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (June 2004)
  Chimecho (PUSA Promo #24)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (July 2004)
  Flygon (PUSA Promo #25)   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] e-League (August 2004)

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