Wings Alexander

Wings Alexander (Japanese: ハヤブサ Hayabusa) is a character of the day who appeared in Throwing in the Noctowl. He lives in Transit Town on Red Rock Isle, where he runs the Hoothoot Express courier service and airport.

Wings Alexander
Young Wings Alexander

In the past, Wings Alexander was an avid Trainer who hoped to one day become a Pokémon Master. His trusted Noctowl helped him win many battles, and it now serves as his co-pilot during flights. His lively past often leads him to daydream, and he can be distracted in the most important times.

Ash and his friends first met Wings at the Transit Town docks, where they hoped to board a ferry to Olivine City. Wings, who posed as a fisherman, saw an opportunity for some business and directed the group to his Hoothoot Express airport. The group were amazed by his array of Pokémon and went onto help Wings feed and clean after them before they took off in a vintage plane. Wings Alexander even gave them free passage for their efforts.

When Wings was flying the group to Olivine City, a severe thunderstorm hit, causing the old plane to begin to fall apart. Thanks to Ash, Misty, Brock, and their Pokémon, as well as Wings's Noctowl, the plane made it successfully to Olivine City. Wings also showed kindness when he decided to help Team Rocket when their balloon was also caught in a storm.


This is a listing of Wings's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand


Hoothoot → Noctowl
Wings Alexander's Noctowl when it was younger

Noctowl is Wings Alexander's strongest Pokémon; he has had it since it was a Hoothoot and in that time it has since evolved. It is distinctive compared to other Noctowl because of its small beard, a sign of its old age. It first appeared when it was sleeping in the co-pilot's seat, where it serves as the co-pilot. When Ash and his friends boarded the plane, a massive storm was causing difficulty. Just before the plane was about to crash into the ocean, Noctowl woke up. They attached it to a rope along with Ash's Noctowl and successfully pulled the plane into Olivine City.

None of Noctowl's moves are known.

Debut Throwing in the Noctowl
Voice actors
Japanese Shin-ichiro Miki
English Shin-ichiro Miki

In the barn

Ponyta (×2)
Sandshrew (×2)
Bellsprout (×2)
Weepinbell (×2)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 茶風林 Chafurin
English Jimmy Zoppi
European French Daniel Nicodème
Italian Enrico Bertorelli
Polish Krzysztof Zakrzewski
Brazilian Portuguese Carlos Silveira
European Spanish José Ángel Juanes


  • Wings's Japanese name, Hayabusa, is what the Peregrine falcon is called in Japanese.
  • His airplane seems to be based on the Douglas XP3D, a prototype U.S. Navy seaplane from the 1930s.

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