Whiteberry (Japanese: ホワイトベリー Whiteberry) was a Japanese pop band that has performed for the Pokémon anime. They are most famous among the Pokémon fandom for their version of Aim to Be a Pokémon Master, the original Japanese theme, which was used as the fourth opening theme.


The group consisted of five members, all girls from Hokkaidō who were close friends: Yuki Maeda (vocalist), Aya Inatsuki (guitarist), Yukari Hasegawa (bassist), Rimi Mizusawa (keyboardist), and Erika Kawamura (drummer). They formed the band in 1994, and were active as a group for 10 years, until 2004. During this time they released 4 albums and 11 singles.

Musical appearances on Pokémon

In addition, Erika Kawamura, the drummer of the group, wrote the lyrics to Hide and Seek and Big Midsummer Plan!, two songs that were featured on the Pikachu short Pikachu's PikaBoo.

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