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Energy Water
Water Energy
水エネルギー Water Energy
Water Energy
Classification Basic Energy card
Provides Water
Additional effect No

Water Energy (Japanese: 水エネルギー Water Energy) is a Basic Energy card which provides one Water Energy (Water). This can be attached to Pokémon cards and used to power moves with Water or Colorless Energy requirements.


Release information

During the BW era, this card was released as one of the BW-P Promotional cards, numbered 072/BW-P, and was awarded at the July/August Pokémon Center Open Challenge. It was reprinted again in the BW-P Promos, numbered 085/BW-P, as a winner's prize awarded to those who won various competitions at the Summer Carnival from July 23 to August 28. It was later included as a holographic BW-P Promotional card in a twelve card random pack released during the September 2011 Gym Challenge, numbered 100/BW-P.



  • Prior to the Expedition Base Set, all prints of this card credited Keiji Kinebuchi as its illustrator. The Expedition print, as well as all subsequent prints, did not list an illustrator credit.
  • The background for the HeartGold & SoulSilver variant has an outline of Lugia and the Whirl Islands.


This energy type is based on the Water type in the Pokémon games.

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