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Water-type Pokémon Friendship Contest

The setting of the contest

The (Japanese: みずタイプポケモン仲良しコンテスト Water Festival We're All Friends Water-type Pokémon Friendship Contest) is an anime-exclusive contest that takes place in Slateport City. The contest was featured in JN031 and is loosely based on Pokémon Contests. Only younger children are allowed to enter.



Each contestant, accompanied by a Water-type Pokémon, must perform with an appeal to the beauty of their Pokémon. The winner receives a trophy. Other competitors may also receive a special award trophy based on certain circumstances.

Known contestants

Nami holding her trophy
Contestant Place
Nami Special award*
Marin Unknown*
Rito Unknown

Pokémon entered in the contest


Nami Hi-chan.png
Feebas → Milotic


Marin Seaking.png


Rito Corsola.png

Other competitors

Water type Friendship Piplup.png
Water type Friendship Starmie Pyukumuku.png
Water type Friendship Starmie Pyukumuku.png
Water type Friendship Marill.png


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