WTPT - Pokémon Radio

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WTPT - Pokémon Radio
KTPT - Pokémon Radio
The Pallet Tribune
"Stay out of the Tall Grass!"
WTPT's last podcast art, with a banner that has the name of its site and an illustration of Ho-Oh on it. A dark blue radio tower is transmitting signals in the background.
Language English
Status Podcast Ended (WTPT)
Defunct (KTPT)
Website Closed
Run Podcast July 2007 - October 2010 (WTPT)
October 2011 - March 2012 (KTPT)
Website July 2007 - 2013
Podcast debuted July 3, 2007 (WTPT)
October 18, 2011 (KTPT)
Last episode published April 1, 2013 (WTPT)
March 14, 2012 (KTPT)
Website opened July 3, 2007 (as The Pokémon Times)
November 2008 (as The Pallet Tribune)
Website closed {{{site_close}}}
Reason {{{reason}}}
Creator(s) Joseph Romano and Keith C. Smith (WTPT)
"Ducky-von-Karma" and "bubman" (KTPT)
Host(s) Jowy and KC (WTPT)
"Ducky-von-Karma" and "bubman" (KTPT)
Number of Episodes 78 (WTPT)
6 (KTPT)
Forum {{{forum}}}
Mascot Ho-Oh (WTPT)
Lugia (KTPT)
Website The Pallet Tribune (archived)
Feed No longer available

WTPT - Pokémon Radio was a Pokémon-centric podcast hosted by long-time Pokémon fans from Brooklyn, New York, Joseph "Jowy" Romano and Keith C. "KC" Smith. It originally debuted on July 3, 2007. It was usually released once a week. 'W' is the first letter used in the call letters for United States radio stations east of the Mississippi River and "TPT" are the letters that stand for the website that hosts the podcast, The Pallet Tribune, which was originally called The Pokémon Times. The site features include news, fan art, blogs, and a chat room.

On their Halloween Special 2010 episode,[1] the podcast announced that it was going to end by saying that the Halloween Special was the penultimate episode and that full details on why they're ending it will come in their final episode. This news came after KC announced that he was going to leave the show for job-related issues (which were further described in the Halloween Special) near the end of the podcast episode that focused on banned episodes,[2] and after releasing a 4.0 version of their site back in August and having released only four episodes in 2010 prior to their blog entry about TPT 4.0.[3]

In 2011, a new "sister podcast" created by two of The Pallet Tribune's community members took WTPT's place on the website. KTPT - Pokémon Radio made its debut on October 18, 2011,[4] with Jowy popping in at the beginning with an update on what had happened since WTPT's last episode. Despite promising more episodes, they've only produced six episodes including the pilot. A couple of episodes that were recorded in December 2011 were not published until March 2012, after which they published another episode before going on another abrupt hiatus due to personal issues plaguing one of the hosts.[5] They have not published another episode since.

In 2013, it was announced that Romano will be shutting down The Pallet Tribune website at some point in time after PAX East while Smith will focus on a new website called The Pocket Players.[6] Romano and Smith recorded the long-overdue final episode of WTPT before the site's closure and published the episode in the early hours of April 1, 2013, bringing closure to the once-popular podcast.



WTPT - Pokémon Radio was the podcast of The Pallet Tribune website. It used to be updated approximately every two weeks. One of the reasons why it ended was that Smith's employer, who found out about him being in WTPT, told him to stop participating in the podcast as it was considered a breach in his contract.[1]

Podcast art

Episode list

Dates and descriptions are given as they are written on the website.


KTPT - Pokémon Radio

KTPT - Pokémon Radio was the successor podcast to WTPT, hosted by two of The Pallet Tribune's community members, known as "Ducky-von-Karma" and "bubman". The podcast debuted on October 18, 2011 as a pilot episode. Similar to WTPT's name, 'K' is the first letter for American radio stations west of the Mississippi River. The new podcast initially used WTPT's podcast feed, but it separated into its own feed by the second non-pilot episode.

KTPT went to hiatus after their belated Thanksgiving episode, although the hosts recorded two episodes during the holiday season which weren't released until March 2012. After a catch-up episode was released that month, the podcast fell into hiatus again and have not published anything new since. bubman stated on the forums that he and Ducky meant to continue KTPT after Summer 2012, but Ducky had personal problems during the Spring 2012 semester that prevented the both of them from podcasting together.[5]

Episode list


WTPT was the most popular Pokémon podcast during its three-year run, having taken the top Pokémon podcast spot from Bulbagarden's own Bulbacast, which stopped producing new episodes the same year that WTPT debuted and later made a failed revival attempt in 2009. (Bulbacast would later return for another run in 2011 with a fifth season.) WTPT's popularity have influenced several Pokémon fans to start their own Pokémon podcasts, most of which were low in production quality and have died off after a brief run. Among them was Thaddeus "Thatch" Asel, the host of The Pallet Tribune's supposed rival podcast P.U.C.L., who got back into podcasting after hearing WTPT and seeing no other good Pokémon podcasts. Despite the clashes between their communities, Asel has stated that WTPT were "the best" of all Pokémon podcasts, especially long after WTPT's last episode. Conversely, Steve Black Jr. of the current most popular Pokémon podcast It's Super Effective, which started shortly before WTPT's second-to-last episode was published, was more critical of WTPT. He was not pleased with the quality of the podcast, especially during their abysmal final year in 2010, and at the time preferred another podcast called Pokémon Monday (which debuted a couple of months before his podcast) over WTPT.


The logo and banner of The Pallet Tribune

The Pallet Tribune was the homepage of WTPT and KTPT. On the right there was a navigation menu that lead users to the site's forums, oekaki, chat rooms, competitions, store, donation button, Twitter feed, and an RSS feed of their YouTube videos. At the top were links to the site's login and about pages, the website's Twitter account, and an RSS news feed, as well as a search bar to search within the website.

Former content and features


The news was updated periodically and kept listeners updated in the world of Pokémon. They dealt with topics relating to Pokémon, including contest results, special events, and inside info.

Livre do Mestre and KC's Log

Livre do Mestre and KC's Log were Jowy and KC's respective, Pokémon-related, personal blogs.

The Tall Grass

Run by moderator BigRedLax, this webcomic featured Pokémon humor. The name derives from KC's closing catchphrase at the end of every podcast: "Stay out of the Tall Grass!" Its content has been moved over to The Pocket Players.

Ask Annie

Ask Annie was a question-based feature article run by Annie. Users would send usually non-serious questions to her, and she picked her favorites and answered them.

TCG Top Ten

This was a series of articles made by WaterRangerLara about the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It went in-depth about the top ten cards from certain sets, such as Base Set, Fossil, or the "Neo" sets. The first article talked about the top ten trainer cards from sets 1 - 3, and the second article talked about the top ten cards from the Neo sets.

Countdown to Platinum

Countdown to Platinum was a set of three articles made by Ducky-von-Karma in the weeks before Pokémon Platinum came out, detailing known information in a humorous way.


The Pallet Tribune held a variety of competitions. Its most major one, called the WTPTC, was usually held quarterly. Additional tournaments were also hosted on occasion, such as one on "TPT Day", the anniversary of WTPT's creation. Another form of competitions on The Pallet Tribune is ladders. In these ladders, members could battle one another to get points, and everyone was ranked against each other by points; the top person received a digital medal.

Former staff

Joseph "Jowy" Romano
Main host of WTPT and a forum administrator.
Keith C. "KC" Smith
Co-host of WTPT and a forum administrator.
Justin V.
Creator of the final version of The Pallet Tribune as well as manager and administrator of the forums and main website.


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