Vicinity of Tahnti Station

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Vicinity of Tahnti Station タンティ駅前
Vicinity of Tahnti Station
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: South of Tahnti Park
Region: Ryme City
Generations: VI/VII

Location of Vicinity of Tahnti Station in Ryme City.
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The vicinity of Tahnti Station (Japanese: タンティ駅前 Vicinity of Tahnti Station) is a road located in the downtown of Ryme City near Tahnti Park in the game Detective Pikachu. The first part of Chapter 1 takes place here.


  • Track Down the Aipom!
  • Figure out where Aipom went!

Case Notes


It belongs to the girl, but Aipom took it. It's apparently an important item she got from her mother.
Ketchup tail print
A red mark in the shape of Aipom's tail. We found it on the path that leads to the park.
Paint tail print
A white mark shaped like Aipom's tail.


The Aipom that ran away to the park
It came down from the roof and ran along the path to the park.
The Aipom that ran away to the bank
It jumped over our heads and ran along the path to the bank.
Aipom with ketchup on it
It had the necklace.


Her necklace was taken by Aipom. I have to get it back.
She's with the girl whose necklace was taken.


"The detective hat is his trademark"
For some reason, he can only talk to me. I still can't believe it. He seems kind of pompous.
"Loves to make mischief"
It took the girl's necklace. We chased it but lost sight of it.
"A fur fashionista"
Its fur is all messed up. It was really sad.
"Really digs digging"
It's good at digging holes. It's helping out with construction.


Aipom (×2)
Furfrou (Normal Trim)
Furfrou (Heart Trim)


The Poké Mart
  • The internal data of the game refers to the building on the corner as "friendlyshop", the Japanese name for Poké Marts.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 坦堤車站前 Táantàih Chējaahmchìhn
Mandarin 坦堤車站前 Tǎntí Chēzhànqián *
探堤车站前 Tàndī Chēzhànqián *
  French Alentours de la station Tahnti
  German Tahnti Station
  Italian Stazione di Tahnti
  Spanish Alrededores de la estación Tahnti

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