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Vespiquen Box (TCG)

Vespiqueen Box
Vespiquen and Unown
Types used Grass
Major cards Vespiquen, Unown and Battle Compressor
Era 2015–2018

Vespiquen Box was a Pokémon Trading Card Game deck archetype mainly played in the 2015-2016 season, remaining as a contender up to the 2018-2019 season. The deck's strategy revolved around Vespiquen's Bee Revenge Attack, which scales damage for each Pokémon in the player's discard pile. Even if its setup and damage were not as strong as Night March, an archetype with a similar gimmick, people played it because of the versability of supporting Pokémon Vespiquen could fit and the slightly higher Hit Points compared to Night March's attackers, resisting few attacks and Abilities Night March otherwise could not. Vespiquen Box's best results were 4th place in the Masters Division and 1st and 4th place in the Senior Division at the 2016 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships, also scoring well in other events such as 1st place in the Master Division at the 2016 UK Nationals. Senior Division Champion of the Masters Division Jesper Eriksen's version was printed as a promotional World Championships deck, Bebe Deck.



Vespiqueen Box focused in discarding as many possible Pokémon to maximize the damage output from Vespiqueen, using Battle Compressor or other cards to do so. As a non-Pokémon-EX, it was often fine to deal two-hit knockouts against Pokémon-EX as long the player could not miss following Attacks. Being the only competitive Grass archetype at the time, it was favoured against Pokémon with this weakness such as Wailord Stall Pokémon. Vespiquen lists have always used Double Colorless Energy to be able to use its attack for a single energy.

At release, Vespiqueen Box lists were focused in either being a mix of Vespiqueen and Night March Pokémon or the more iconic combination of Forest of Giant Plants and Vileplume, attempting to play Vespiquen and Vileplume in the player's first turn and locking the opponent out of Item cards due to Vileplume's Ability; The player was affected by the Ability as well, so the list focused in playing as many possible of them before setting up Vileplume. Other relevant variants tagged Vespiquen with Yveltal, Crobat or Pokémon that could also benefit from DCE or Forest of Giant Plants. During the XY BREAK era, the Vileplume variant faded out by such more consistent lists.

In the Expanded format, while Forest of Giant Plants got eventually banned from play, Vepiquen benefited from many supporting cards avaliable in the pool. Night March still had more positive results on average than Vespiquen in this format, but due to their small differences, this deck guaranteed a special spot in some tournaments.

Key cards

  • Vespiquen - Vespiquen's Bee Revenge Attack dealt 20 plus 10 damage times the number of Pokémon in the player's discard pile. While less powerful than the Night March Attack at a glance, it did not rely on specific Pokémon and could surpass NM's damage output, though that required a large number of discarded Pokémon. Intelligence Gathering could be also used at rare occasions to draw cards while doing minimun damage.
  • Unown - If in the Bench, Unown's Farewell Letter Ability discarded itself while making the player draw a card, being a versatile fit in many lists.
  • Battle Compressor - Each Battle Compressor could discard up to 3 Pokémon or useful cards to be retrieved with other Trainer cards.
  • Professor Sycamore - Along with Ultra Ball, Professor Sycamore was an easy option to discard Pokémon.
  • Double Colorless Energy - Usually the only type of energy played in Vespiquen lists, as it provided the    necessary for Bee Revenge.

Typical decklist

Tamao Cameron's decklist at the 2016 UK Nationals

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Vespiquen Grass Uncommon
Combee Grass Common
Vileplume Grass Rare
Gloom Grass Uncommon
Oddish Grass Common
Unown Psychic Common
ShayminEX Colorless Rare Holo ex
Bunnelby Colorless Uncommon
Acro Bike I Uncommon
Battle Compressor I Uncommon
Level Ball I Uncommon
Trainers' Mail I Uncommon
Ultra Ball I Uncommon
Float Stone I Uncommon
Forest of Giant Plants St Uncommon
AZ Su Uncommon
Judge Su Uncommon
Lysandre Su Uncommon
Misty's Determination Su Uncommon
Professor Sycamore Su Uncommon
Double Colorless Energy Colorless E Uncommon

Decklist from Sun & Moon Expanded format

The deck list appearing below is not official; it is meant to represent an average build of the archetype, not specifically constructed for any regional metagame. Being that this is merely an archetype, a player may wish to change any part of this deck when building his or her own version.

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Vespiquen Grass Uncommon
Combee Grass Common
Flareon Fire Uncommon
Eevee Colorless Common
Unown Psychic Common
Ditto ♢ Colorless Rare Holo
Tapu LeleGX Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare
ShayminEX Colorless Rare Holo ex
Exeggcute Grass Uncommon
Oricorio Psychic Rare
Mr. Mime Fairy Rare
Giratina Psychic Rare
Battle Compressor I Uncommon
Computer Search I Rare Ace
Trainers' Mail I Uncommon
Ultra Ball I Uncommon
VS Seeker I Uncommon
Choice Band I Uncommon
Float Stone I Uncommon
Parallel City St Uncommon
Colress Su Uncommon
Guzma Su Uncommon
N Su Uncommon
Professor Sycamore Su Uncommon
Double Colorless Energy Colorless E Uncommon

Possible tech cards

The following cards are often used in Vespiqueen Box in place of certain cards included in the above lists.

  • Klefki - Klefki could be attached as a Tool card, preferably to Unown, being discarded at the end of the opponent's turn and synergizing with the deck's goal.
  • Night March Pokémon - Played along some Vespiquen lists due to the sinergy with discarding Pokémon and Double Colorless Energy.
  • Forest of Giant Plants - This Stadium card allowed the player to evolve Grass Pokémon regardless of turn they were played.
    • Vileplume - Its Irritating Pollen Ability prevented both players from using Item cards. Could be played in the first turn due to Forest of Giant Plants to limit the opponent's gameplay.
    • Yanmega - Played by Semifinalist Jesper Eriksen at the 2016 World Championship along with Yanmega BREAK as a Pokémon that could also land two hit knockouts and often attack without neededing energies thanks to its Sonic Vision Ability.
  • Yveltal - Strong counter to Night March and Trevenant BREAK decks, though it required the player to include Darkness energies in their list.
  • Flareon - Plasma Freeze Flareon had the same Attack as Bee Revenge and a different typing to cover more weaknesses in the Expanded format.
  • Zoroark - Secondary attacker that could provide another type coverage while attacking with Double Colorless Energy. Raichu and Zebstrika were other techs with similar purposes.
  • Flareon and Vaporeon - Added Fire and Water typings respectively to Stage 1 Pokémon due to their Abilities.
  • Golbat and Crobat - Their Abilities put additional damage counters in the opponent's field for easier knockouts.
  • Revitalizer - Retrieved two discarded Grass Pokémon to the player's hand.

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