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even i have to admit it is questionable the Mags will make it into the Johto Dex, but there are two things to mention. first off, the originals were Mag's first appearance as Steel-types, so they wanted to show it off. and second, and this goes for a lot of Pokemon on the list, they were used by a gym leader. they were only one of two Pokemon used by Jasmine. granted, they wernt her signature Pokemon (Steelix obviously was) and the designers could just as easily shuffle her team a bit, so im thinking that Mite and Ton might make it in, but Zone would be left out. itd prob be the first time an evolution was left out of a dex its prevo was in, but hey, it could happen. -- MAGNEDETH 05:07, 16 August 2009 (UTC)

Just my opinion

This very well thought out (your prediction). I personally think that they will keep the members of the johto dex, though they may remove the kanto starters. They may just pull a FRLG and make all Gen III/IV evolutions unavailable untill a certain point. We will find out in september. Also, many members of the johto dex were only obtainable in kanto because, if I remeber right, the johtodex was just a reorganization of the national dex. Poisson14 17:23, 16 August 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, I did take on multiple factors when determining the odds for the lines. Aside from the native starters and legendaries, I assumed there were no guarantees--for example, Sentret, despite being the signature Generation II early-Dex Normal-type, was given only High odds since it competed with Rattata for space and the producers might decide to go one way or the other in the remakes. Notable examples on where factors might have affected the odds:
  • Pikachu's line. Yes, the fact that it's the series mascot factored into giving it Medium odds. Its only wild location from the originals, Route 2, probably would have given the line Low odds otherwise.
  • Clefairy's line. The fact Whitney uses a Clefairy, as well as a Crystal element possibly factoring, might have saved the line from the Very Low bracket. The fact that Clefairy has a signature location, Mt. Moon, was the primary factor in the Low odds.
  • Wobbuffet's line. Its ability, Shadow Tag, has never factored into wild Pokémon battles pre-Elite Four, making for the possibility of being relocated from its original signature location of the Dark Cave due to Wobbuffet being accessible in the originals with as few as four badges. It probably would have gotten Very High odds if it didn't have Shadow Tag.
  • Both Magnemite and Eevee's lines. Location evolution lines could prove difficult. The lack of a Mt. Coronet, Moss Rock, and Ice Rock in known Johto and/or Kanto was the primary factor in giving Medium odds to what otherwise might have been a High.
  • Mankey's line. It seemed destined for a High even if evidence suggested it would be HeartGold exclusive. However, its probable SoulSilver-exclusive counterpart has Pickup and thus more attractive to include in both versions. This would take marketability away from Mankey, and this dropped it to Medium odds.
  • Celebi. What might have otherwise gotten Very High or maybe even Guaranteed odds took a huge fall thanks to the main Generation IV games breaking a precedent for event legendaries always appearing at the end of a country's regional Pokédex. The fact that it's Generation II-native probably saved it from falling all the way to Low odds.
Other things that factored into many of the odds included the possibility that the National Pokédex could be required to get the S.S. Ticket, as well as the possibility of the evolution restrictions from the first set of remakes not making a return for this set.
Do note that I'm making no claims that anything aside from the Guaranteeds absolutely will appear in the new Johto Pokédex. As stated on the odds prediction page, a Very High could be a surprise omission (such as changing the contents of the Mystery Egg and omitting Togepi's line), while a Very Low could find its way in (such as implementing a Snorlax blocking an exit from Ecruteak City to force taking Cianwood and Olivine in sequence). --Shiningpikablu252 23:11, 16 August 2009 (UTC)

Now that it's out...

So are you going to get rid of this now that HGSS are out? Poisson14 02:59, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

Probably not. In fact, once the hoopla starts to die down a little, I might add the results and comments about them. --Shiningpikablu252 03:01, 17 September 2009 (UTC)
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