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Alakazam Hack

"Listen up, people! Today I traded a baby Lv. 1 Turtwig for a Lv. 46 Alakazam, its nickname UpESP. I got it from a trainer named Bera, whose name was in suspicious red font. But here's the weird part! The Alakazam was caught with a Dusk Ball in Victory Road on Mar. 4, 2007!!! Reasons for this suspicion that UpESP is a hack is first, it was caught in Victory Road, but the real fact is that wild Alakazam don't exist, and you can only get an Alakazam through trading Kadabra. Second, the trainer is English, but the date caught was Mar. 4, 2007, a month before Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was released in America. I'll repeat the facts for you again: Caught at Lv. 46 in Victory Road on Mar. 4, 2007, by Trainer Bera, ID No. 45853, Nickname UpESP, and traded to me at Lv. 46. Sorry if I overreacted. Respond to me on my talk or under this message. Thank you."

This was no hack...

  1. First of all, that "suspicious red font", that means that the trainer was female. Male trainers have blue fonts. I'm guessing you never had a Pokémon from a female trainer before.
  2. Kadabra can be found in the Victory Road. The person who took your Turtwig most likely got it from Bera first before trading it to you and thats how it evolved. Sometimes the person you trade with on the GTS isn't always the same person as the OT.
  3. It was probably a Japanese game. You are able to use English text in your name even though the game is in Japanese.

So it probably wasn't a hack. -- Kenji Girl 03:42, 2 August 2007 (UTC)