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Seems a bit strange to order by generation when there's a few different series, plus the stand-alones. What if the four larger series (Mystery Dungeon, Ranger, Rumble and Trozei) had sections and the rest were ordered chronologically? glikglak 23:17, 4 May 2015 (UTC)

The generational breakdown is mainly to keep the table consistent with the main/core series table, and to have all of the games listed in a chronological list. Spin-off/side games are typically stand-alone in the aspect of connectivity, either connecting with nothing, or their pair/trio titles. So bunching sub-series together doesn't really accomplish a whole lot, and would either require multiple tables or more additional templates to suit a format that doesn't really do much to add any information. - Kogoro - Talk to me - 17:08, 5 May 2015 (UTC)
I'd like to chime in here, too. The coloured cells option can be used to group a series together in the way that Glik is describing while maintaining the generation aspect of the template. Black seems uninviting for a Wiki by comparison and so many black cells suggests they are related or are all individual fringe games that have no relevance in the series. Meanwhile, in the coloured version, all Rumble cells could be one colour (three are already orange in the test). MD and perhaps Ranger can possibly retain colours by game, though this would not allow those colours to show elsewhere in other series (like Ranger now showing orange with the Rumble games). Puzzle games (Trozei, and also Battle Trozei and Shuffle when added) can have a single dedicated colour, and Pinball games can also have a dedicated colour (I thought there was more than one). There are also at least two Stadium games, so they can be a series. Other titles like Snap and Channel I am uncertain on yet, and perhaps they can be uncoloured (white background) to show a status as standalone titles and not part of a series. Dream Radar can also fit into this group. If there was only one Pinball game, it also joins the standalone titles. That might satisfy Glik's wish to group a series while maintaining the single table format. CycloneGU (talk) 17:25, 5 May 2015 (UTC)

Games Where Not Available?

I decided to put together Ivysaur's data offline and then try a little test for the Wikicode on here. Given that Ivysaur is not available in several areas, trying to use the /None appendage as with the main games template provided for an interesting experience:

Removal of the "Not Available" lines makes the layout look much better:

Generation I
Evolve Bulbasaur
Generation II
This Pokémon is unavailable in Generation II side games.
Generation III
Secret Storage 2, Mr. Who's Den
MD Red MD Blue
Western Cave (19F-27F)
Lyra Forest, Kisara Plains
Generation IV
MD Time MD Darkness
Mystifying Forest (B1-B13), Mystery Jungle (B1-B29)
Silent Forest C and A
Ranger: GS
Hinder Cape, Forest Temple
Generation V
Rumble Blast
Everspring Valley
Rumble U
Transit Museum: All Aboard!
Generation VI
Stage 59 (Main)
Rumble World
Old-Growth Woods

Granted, I might have made fixes to the bottom table that I didn't copy to the top since I deleted lines, anyway. Even so, there are important questions here:

  • Will the "None" appendage be implemented in the corresponding template for side games?
  • If so, great; if not, will we simply remove those lines from the finished layout on the respective pages (since we can't "import" or anything and don't want them showing as available)?
  • Will location pages eventually be created for Pokémon Rumble U as I did with Rumble World and as exist for Rumble Blast? I can't verify any data in Rumble U, but I can help with the creation of pages if we have people to verify data; of course, I'd be using stock data verified at multiple sources and leaving it up to a game owner here to verify it otherwise unless some kind of video data can be provided to provide visual proof for me to confirm it (like the Pokédex in Rumble World).
    • Pursuant to this, since we have a policy not to use other sources, me using such data would be strictly for setup purposes unless someone else provides the visual proof or provides me visual evidence (like an area availability screenshot, if it exists) to confirm it. I can make a list like I did for Rumble U and only list anything confirmed in three separate sources. I can also watch Youtube videos (Let's Plays). LOL
  • Rumble Blast and Rumble World have bosses. In Rumble World in particular, bosses appear again in other "parts" of an area.
    • Are we denoting bosses from Entrance when they later appear in the Center and Back areas?
    • Would it be better adding a second line for the area in question exclusively listing as an area's boss?
      • Marshtomp would be interesting here, as it's a boss of three areas, including the King's training field, but I presume that area wouldn't need listing since I don't think it can be caught; I haven't seen any Mudkip caught, either, so I also wouldn't list that one as an area.

I'm monitoring this, and these are things that will need to be known by anyone editing using the new layout for side games. CycloneGU (talk) 20:31, 30 May 2015 (UTC)

Well, I see Pokémon Rumble U does link to areas. The question will be listing them: personally, I'd list just the specific area (i.e. "Dangerous Rockets") and link it to the full area ("Jungle Area" with the anchor to "Dangerous Rockets"). I did that with Old-Growth Woods on the Ivysaur example. A couple also seem to be incomplete, so I might be using videos too. CycloneGU (talk) 22:07, 30 May 2015 (UTC)
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