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  →PikaTepig999★ 06:47, 2 September 2014 (UTC)  

"Pokemon desktop" help.

I might have mentioned this before and it's something I seek Bulbapedia's help with, I have what I've always called "Pokemon desktops", the name being exactly what it sounds like, here:


Simply put, i recreated the six current main series Pokemon regions on my six computer accounts (creating five of them just for that sake, my "Main account" ended up being Kanto). Complete with trainers and their "Pokegear" folders containing Pokeballs, badge cases, etc. Everything about it except for evolving the Pokemon is easier to use on a Macontosh than Microsoft Windows though. But as you can see from the link i switched to Windows for a reason i refuse to bore anyone with.

More to the point, There are some Pokemon aspects that leave me at a loss for what to do in some situations with this, and regarding that, I thought "who better to bring it up with than Bulbapedia?" I would've considered asking the "Pokemon Wiki" for help too, but they seem fond of making things up to "sound cool" So:

Evolution related inquiries:

With many ridiculously elaborate Evolution methods, I've ran into several impasses on this matter.

Trade evolutions:

While I've already got this down on my desktop regions, it has always baffled me how Pokemon need to be traded to evolve. I've just never been able to begin to understand how that works. I mean i understand that it's to play up the trade feature, but it doesn't make sense. My method for this is akin to what was seen in the Pokemon Special Manga, the traded Pokemon evolve not as soon as the trade is completed, but into their next battle following the trade, as was seen with Green/Blue's Machoke under Red's ownership.

On a related note, every single trade that occurs in my Pokemon regions has always been for the sole purpose of evolution, and they don't trade back either. It's always just trading two Pokemon that evolve when traded, holding an item or not.


Wurmple's branched evolution is nothing short of a road block for me with this. From what i was reading on the "Personality Value" discussion it appears the decision would be left up to me. But, I record a trainer's Pokemon's Data, including its gender and nature on their "trainer card". So Since these desktops lack video game generated integers like that and Assuming Personality Value extends beyond Gender and Nature, is any Wurmple's evolution essentially my decision? Or do i have to go by something specific?

Friendship dependent evolution:

This is another one that would point to essentially being up to me. But I'm the kind of person with the extreme need to be realistic. Maybe i should read Bulpapedia's article about that fully though, but seriously, in order to be realistic would I have to memorize every such Pokemon's base friendship on top of every battle each such individual has won/lost, on top of all else that effects friendship? Ai Yai yai.


Normally, Inkay evolves at level thirty when holding the console upside down, easily the most elaborate and otherwise random evolution method I have ever heard. But how do i correspond that with my Pokemon desktop? Not all trainers have Pokedexes, but for those who do should they just flip their's upside down? Or maybe just to be as realistic as possible I'll hold my laptop upside down whenever i run into an Inkay reaching level thirty. My Kalos desktop was just recently created anyway so....

Come to think of it, since James has an Inkay i wonder how the anime will handle its possible evolution.


Once again this would essentially point to being my decision. But once again I'm really realistic, but the problem is, i have absolutely no way of determining stats like this. So....I guess it is solely my choice.


While surprisingly Eevee's evolutions have always been easy to handle for me despite all else. I don't know how to go about implementing the "Pokemon Amie" into my desktops. And again my Kalos desktop is new, so would I just have trainers calling their Eevees out for whatever? And then it has to know a Fairy type move, obviously.


A Pokemon with two evolutions methods and the same evolved form leaves me backed in. I mean the Unova based game's method is easy. But as for the "original method", well....


Since the weather condition has to occur "naturally" instead of rain causing moves, the only thing i can think of is Sligoo only evolving when reach level fifty when it's actually raining outside my house (or wherever i am). But since i live in Arizona of all places....

Mega Evolution:

While this borders between evolution and form changes (or so it is identified by the "Pokemon Wiki"), As my Kalos desktop is my newest one I have yet to incorporate Mega evolution. And based on everything surrounding it that matter appears to be complicated. I mean my idea is simple, just attach the Mega Stone to the Pokemon in question, but as for the trainer, There's no Key stone sprite or anything, I've searched the internet for one and ended up with nothing. I saw this site has a bag sprite for the Mega Ring, but i know i should attach a Key stone and whatever accessory to the trainer too. I mean i can work with the Mega Bangle sprite because it depicts the stone, but the Mega Ring's sprite doesn't.

Two more things, selecting trainers, because it's seemingly treated as "sacred", i feel i should limit Mega evolution's usage to a specific number of trainers, maybe twenty? And make only the named amount of Key stones and accessories for them. The other thing pertains to the Pokemon, I would attach cut the Mega stone sprite and paste it to the Pokemon itself (obviously, which is the same thing i do with evolution inducing held items). And of course they'd Mega Evolve, but the problem is for when they revert back, should i just copy the image of that Pokemon and save it somewhere? I mean i cant think of anything else to do about that.

Now that evolution is out of the way, there are actually more things i feel the need to ask for assistance with.

Gym Leader/Gym Battle protocol:

I brought this up on the Gym Leader's discussion page, in the first season of the anime it's mentioned that Pokemon League rules dictate Gym Leaders must accept every challenge. This ironclad detail at times smurfs my desktop protocol off, particularly when a trainer has been defeated by a certain Gym Leader time after time. But that "rule" seems to have been forgotten, i recall the Best Wishes anime episode when Clay only accepted Ash's challenge in return for a bag of Revival Herbs, and then the current series when Clemont, while unintentionally, made the "four badges" requirement. But above both instances, In Pokemon Origins, Giovanni says he "decided to go ahead" and accept Blue's challenge, implying that he didn't have to. So I'm very conflicted with this part.

For the battles themselves though, I usually find myself opening up the specific Gym Leader's Bulbapedia page, because memorizing every single Gym Leader's Pokemon and their moves is difficult. As is the case in the Anime, the Trainer is only allowed to use an equal number of Pokemon to the Gym Leader's, my desktop Gym Leader's teams and their move sets/abilities are strictly identical to the games instead however. The protocol beyond that is exactly what you'd think.

Held Items:

This is something that, besides anything evolution related i haven't even been able to do at all. Simply put, in the case of an Evolutionary Stone or Evolution inducing held item, i simply attach it to the Pokemon and when the condition is met (or in the case of a Stone, automatically) The Pokemon evolves and the Item disappears, because i paste over the evolved form of course.

But the issue with any other held item, namely one that wouldn't disappear normally would be a problem, when it comes to computer images removing it would result in removing "part of the Pokemon" itself, if you understand where I'm going with that. This unfortunately renders Abilities like Pickup, Klutz, Cheek Pouch, Et Cetera, completely useless. The only solution i can think of is putting the held item in an area on the image in a place where that wouldn't be a problem, but....

Form Differences:

This one shouldn't be very difficult. But still:


Is Cherrim's Form interchangeable? Or is it "stuck" in whichever one after it evolves depending on whether or not Sunny Day is in effect when it evolves from Cherubi?


Is there Sugimori Artwork for all of Castform's forms? Because otherwise that leads to a Problem, Based on their appearance i assume the Castform forms depicted in the corresponding Bulbapedia article are Dream World images, which i completely ban from my desktops anyway.


Which routes yield which form changes for Burmy?


Easily the most difficult, the game mechanic is essentially fusing Pokemon. But on a system like this....


Which moves yield which form? I foresee battles with Aegislash as almost constantly having to switch forms.

Grave sites:

Half of the regions introduced so far have Pokemon grave sites. But the question is, under what condition would a Pokemon die?


This is a difficult aspect as well. In the video game series it only applies to outsiders. I still apply the obedience range of Gym badges, but it also applies to Pokemon that the trainer caught themselves as well. But i feel as if I should extend "disobedience" beyond that, while having no idea how to.

That's everything. - unsigned comment from Benayla (talkcontribs)

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