User:Ztash/List of Advanced Generation series episodes in Danish

The second half of season six consisting of the 40 Advanced episodes bagan airing in Denmark on April 11, 2004. After Advanced Battle had been aired, rather than airing Battle Frontier, TV2 started airing Diamond and Pearl instead, airing Battle Frontier as the tenth season finished. It is unclear if Battle Frontier was meant to be skipped entirely, or if TV2 just had prioritized Diamond and Pearl with the intention of airing Battle Frontier afterwards.

Hoenn League arc

Code Screenshot Danish title English title DK broadcast Notes
AG001   Pikachu er i stødet!
Pikachu is charged!
Get the Show on the Road! April 11, 2004
AG002   Den mystiske ruin
The mysterious ruin
A Ruin with a View April 13, 2004
AG003   Hjem, kære hjem
Home, sweet home
There's no Place Like Hoenn April 14, 2004
AG004   Den frygtløse Taillow
The fearless Taillow
You Can Never Taillow April 15, 2004
AG005   Behold knæbukserne på!
Keep your knickers on!
In the Knicker of Time! April 16, 2004
AG006   Et opblæst ego!
An inflated ego!
A Poached Ego! April 19, 2004
AG007   Treeckos træ
Teecko's tree
Tree's a Crowd April 20, 2004
AG008   Slangens hale
The tail of the snake
A Tail with a Twist April 21, 2004
AG009   Den fortabte Shroomish
The lost Shroomish
Taming of the Shroomish April 22, 2004
AG010   Verdens stærkeste Pokémon!
The strongest Pokémon in the world!
You Said a Mouthful! April 23, 2004
AG011   Uforglemmeligt bid
An unforgettable bit
A Bite to remember April 26, 2004
AG012   Skibet er lastet med Lotad
The ship has been loaded with Lotad
The Lotad Lowdown April 27, 2004
AG013   Et yndefuldt angreb
A graceful attack
All Things Bright and Beautifly! April 28, 2004
AG014   En Wurmple på krogen
A Wurmple on the hook
All in a Day's Wurmple April 29, 2004
AG015   Pokémon-skolen
The Pokémon school
Gonna Rule The School! September 4, 2004
AG016   Pas på Nosepass
Beware Nosepass
The Winner by a Nosepass September 5, 2004
AG017   Ballade i Devon-bygningen
Trouble in the Devon building
Stairway to Devon September 11, 2004
AG018   På vingerne med Wingull!
On the wings with Wingull!
On a Wingull and a Prayer! September 12, 2004
AG019   Sharpedo går til angreb!
Sharpedo attack!
Sharpedo Attack! September 18, 2004
AG020   Alt på ét bræt
All eggs in one basket
Brave the Wave September 19, 2004 The title literally means Everything on one board
AG021   Wurmple-forvekslinger
Wurmple confusions
Which Wurmple's Which? September 25, 2004
AG022   En hulens ballade
A whole lot of trouble
A Hole Lotta Trouble September 26, 2004 Hulens is a mild swear word substituting another more serious swear word
AG023   Den mystiske gæst
The mysterious guest
Gone Corphishin' October 2, 2004
AG024   Corphish i knibe
A Corphish in trouble
Corphish Out of Water October 9, 2004
AG025   Mudkip-missionen
The Mudkip mission
A Mudkip Mission October 10, 2004
AG026   Mødet med Nuzleaf
The encounter with Nuzleaf
Turning Over a Nuzleaf October 16, 2004
AG027   Tre er tre for mange!
Three are three too many!
A Three Team Scheme! October 17, 2004
AG028   En helt anden Pokémon!
A totally different Pokémon!
Seeing is Believing! October 23, 2004
AG029   Tapperhedstesten
The bravery test
Ready, Willing, and Sableye October 24, 2004
AG030   Et stormfuldt møde
A stormy encounter
A Meditite Fight October 30, 2004
AG031   Sidste dyst på Dewford Island
The last battle on Dewford Island
Just One of the Geysers October 31, 2004
AG032   Spøgelsesskibet!
The ghost shipe!
Abandon Ship! November 6, 2004
AG033   Se, dét er flowerpoer!
Now, that's flower power!
Now That's Flower Power! November 7, 2004
AG034   Masser af gang i den
A lot of things going on
Having a Wailord of a Time November 13, 2004
AG035   Dysten imod Drew!
The battle against Drew!
Win, Lose or drew! November 14, 2004
AG036   Den mystiske sten
The mysterious stone
The Spheal of Approval November 20, 2004
AG037   Helt ude i skoven!
All the way out in the forest!
Jump for Joy! November 21, 2004 Something being all the way out in the forest means that it is so crazy or ridiculous that it's basically unbelievable
AG038   En tåget affære!
A misty affair
A Different Kind of Misty! November 27, 2004
AG039   Masser af Pokéblok!
A lot of Pokéblock!
A Poké-BLOCK Party! November 28, 2004
AG040   Pikachu i stødet
Charged Pikachu
Watt's with Wattson? December 4, 2004
AG041   Man høster, som man sår
You reap what you sow
What You Seed is What You Get March 13, 2005
AG042   Kærlighed ved første blik
Love at first sight
Love at First Flight March 19, 2005
AG043   Den flyvende Bagon
The flying Bagon
Let Bagons Be Bagons March 20, 2005
AG044   Prinsessen og Togepien
The princess and the Togepi
The Princess and the Togepi March 26, 2005
AG045   Miraklet i Mirage-kongeriget!
The miracle in the Mirage kingdom
A Togepi Mirage! March 27, 2005
AG046   Uheldigt udbrud!
Unlucky eruption!
A Togepi Mirage! April 2, 2005
AG047   Alle elsker Skitty!
Everybody loves Skitty!
I Feel Skitty April 3, 2005
AG048   Zig-zag Zangoose!
Zigzag Zangoose!
ZigZag Zangoose! April 9, 2005
AG049   Max mod Max!
Max versus Max!
Maxxed Out! April 10, 2005
AG050   Fatalt fupnummer
A fatal scam
Pros and Con Artists April 16, 2005
AG051   May slår til!
May strikes!
Come What May! April 17, 2005
AG052   Heppekor med forhindringer
Cheerleading with obstacles
Cheer Pressure April 22, 2005
AG053   Et overraskende angreb
A surprising attack
Game Winning Assist April 23, 2005
AG054   Kampen om meteoritten!
The fight for the meteorite!
Fight for the Meteorite! April 24, 2005
AG055   Pokémon-poetisk panik!
Pokémon poetic panic!
Poetry Commotion! April 30, 2005
AG056   Søvndyssende dyst
A sleep inducing battle
Going, Going, Yawn May 1, 2005
AG057   Mødet med Spinda
The encounter with Spinda
Going for a Spinda May 7, 2005
AG058   Sådan leger vi ikke
That's not how we play
All Torkoal, No Play May 8, 2005
AG059   Mødet med Manectric
The encounter with Manectric
Manectric Charge May 14, 2005
AG060   Delcatty viser tænder
Delcatty bares its teeth
Delcatty Got Your Tongue May 15, 2005
AG061   Katastrofe i forklædning
Catastrophe in disguise
Disaster of Disguise May 21, 2005
AG062   Én gang Pokémon, altid Pokémon
Once a Pokémon, always a Pokémon
Disguise Da Limit May 22, 2005
AG063   Det store vandmysterium
The big water mystery
Take the Lombre Home May 28, 2005
AG064   Søde, lille Swablu
Sweet, little Swablu
True Blue Swablu May 29, 2005
AG065   Det store ædegilde
The big feast
Gulpin it Down June 4, 2005
AG066   Den store udvikling!
The big evolution
Exploud and Clear! June 5, 2005
AG067   Hep, hep, Ludicolo!
Hey, hey, Ludicolo!
Go Go Ludicolo! August 20, 2005
AG068   Et dobbelt dilemma
A double dilemma
A Double Dilemma August 27, 2005
AG069   Kærlighed i Petalburg!
Love in Petalburg!
Love, Petalburg Style! September 3, 2005
AG070   Magtbalance
Balance of power
Balance of Power September 10, 2005
AG071   Et seksdobbelt angreb!
A sixfold attack!
A Six Pack Attack! September 17, 2005
AG072   Jo større, des bedre
The bigger the better
A Six Pack Attack! September 24, 2005
AG073   Et Pokémon-paradis!
A Pokémon paradise!
Grass Hysteria! October 1, 2005
AG074   Hukkede Poké Balls!
Stolen Poké Balls!
Hokey Poké Balls! October 8, 2005
AG075   Whiscash og Ash
Whishcas and Ash
Whishcas and Ash October 8, 2005
AG076   Jeg, mig og tiden
I, me, and time
Me, Myself and Time October 22, 2005
AG077   En fan med en plan
A fan with a plan
A Fan with a Plan October 22, 2005
AG078   Tab og vind
Lose and win
Cruisin' for a Losin' October 29, 2005 The title can also be interpreted as Loss and wind
AG079   En perle til Spoink
A oearl for Spoint
Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend October 29, 2005
AG080   Det er bare Swellow
It's just Swellow
That's just Swellow November 5, 2005
AG081   Shuppet er i huset
Shuppet is in the house
Take This House and Shuppet November 5, 2005
AG082   Heftig skovtur
An extreme picnic
The Shroomish Skirmish November 12, 2005
AG083   Urimeligt dårligt vejr
Unfairly bad weather
Unfair Weather Friends November 12, 2005 Urimeligt is often used in the meaning of extremely
AG084   Højt at flyve
The higher you fly
Who's Flying Now? November 19, 2005
AG085   Styrkecenterdyst i skyerne!
Gym battle in the clouds!
Sky High Gym Battle! November 19, 2005
AG086   Lys, Camerupt, action!
Lights, Camerupt, Action!
Lights, Camerupt, Action! November 26, 2005
AG087   Tosset som en Lunatone
Crazy as a Lunetone
Crazy as a Lunetone November 26, 2005
AG088   Ædedolkens have
Garden of the glutton
The Garden of Eatin' December 3, 2005
AG089   Et chok man husker!
A shock you'll remember!
A Scare to Remember! December 3, 2005
AG090   Pokéblok og bær
Pokéblock and berries
Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry December 10, 2005
AG091   Lektioner i Lilycove
Lessons in Lilycove
Lessons in Lilycove December 10, 2005
AG092   Dommedag!
Judgment day!
Judgment Day! December 17, 2005
AG093   En klog Clamperl
A wise Clamperl
Clamperl of Wisdom August 12, 2006
AG094   Relicanth kan bare det der
Rekucanth really knows his stuff
The Relicanth Really Can August 12, 2006
AG095   Udviklingskrigen
The war of evolution
The Evolutionary War August 19, 2006
AG096   Drøj træning
Troublesome training
Training Wrecks August 19, 2006
AG097   Groudon er løs
Groudon is on the loose
Gaining Groudon August 26, 2006
AG098   Legendernes kamp
The battle of legends
The Scuffle of Legends August 26, 2006
AG099   Team Rocket i rummet!
Team Rocket in space!
It's Still Rocket Roll to Me! September 2, 2006
AG100   Solid som en Solrock
Solid as a Solrock
Solid as a Solrock September 2, 2006
*   No Danish title No English title Unaired
AG101   Mødet med Drake
The encounter with Drake
Vanity Affair September 9, 2006
AG102   Hvor er Armaldo?
Where's Armaldo?
Where's Armaldo? September 9, 2006
AG103   En lusket affære
A devious affair
A Cacturne for the Worse September 16, 2006
AG104   Den gigantiske Claydol
The gigantic Claydol
Claydol Big and Tall September 16, 2006
AG105   Marwile i varmen
Marwile in the heat
Once in a Mawile September 23, 2006 The title is a pun on vild i varmen which means that one is excited, romantically or not
AG106   Ash går under jorden
Ash goes underground
Beg, Burrow and Steal September 23, 2006
AG107   Absol-ut katastrofe
Absol-ute catastrophe
Absol-ute Disaster September 30, 2006
AG108   Det sner, det sner, det er en Snorunt!
It's snowing, it's snowing, it's a Snorunt!
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt! September 30, 2006
AG109   Hører jeg en Ralts?
Do I hear a Ralts?
Do I Hear a Ralts? October 7, 2006
AG110   Den store kamp otte!
The great fight number eight!
The Great Eight Fate! October 7, 2006
AG111   Otte er ikke nok
Eight is not enough
Eight Ain't Enough October 14, 2006
AG112   Den tyvagtige Token
The thievish Token
Showdown At Linoone October 14, 2006
AG113   Så tag dog det Liechibær!
Just take that Liechi Berry already!
Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut? October 21, 2006
AG114   En Donphan-romance
A Donphan romance
Date Expectations October 21, 2006
AG115   Pokémon-jalousi
Pokémon jealousy
Mean With Envy November 4, 2006
AG116   Pacifidlog-båndet
The Padifidlog ribbon
Pacifidlog Jam November 4, 2006
AG117   En bærædende ædedolk
A berry eating glutton
Berry, Berry Interesting November 11, 2006
AG118   Duel med Morrison
A duel with Morrison
Less is Morrison November 11, 2006
AG119   Fantomtyven slår til
The phantom thief strikes
The Ribbon Cup Caper November 18, 2006
AG120   No Danish title No English title Unaired
AG121   En sølvvinder!
A silver winner!
Hi Ho Silver Wind! November 18, 2006 Sølvvinder countains the word Sølvvind, the Danish name for Silver Wind
AG122   Bedrag og sandhed
Deceit and truth
Deceit and Assist November 25, 2006
AG123   Gensyn med Drew
Reunion with Drew
Rhapsody in Drew November 25, 2006
AG124   Den øde ø
The deserted island
Island Time December 2, 2006
AG125   Den bestøvlede Meowth
Meowth in boots
Like a Meowth to a Flame December 2, 2006
AG126   En positiv udvikling
A positive turn of events
Saved by the Beldum December 9, 2006 Udvilking also means evolution
AG127   En drabelig dobbeltdyst
A lethal double battle
From Brags to Riches December 9, 2006
AG128   Vinderturneringen
The winner tournament
Shocks and Bonds December 16, 2006
AG129   Venner på hård prøve
Friends on a tough test
A Judgment Brawl December 16, 2006
AG130   Vælg eller forsvind!
Choose or get lost!
Choose It or Lose It! January 6, 2007
AG131   En afgørende dyst
A final battle
At the End of the Fray January 6, 2007

Kanto Battle Frontier arc

Code Screenshot Danish title English title DK broadcast Notes
AG132   En ny begyndelse
A new beginning
The Scheme Team January 13, 2007
AG133   Glade gensyn
Happy reunions
The Right Place and the Right Mime January 13, 2007
AG134   I fuldmånens skær
In the light of the full moon
A Real Cleffa-Hanger January 20, 2007
AG135   Den legendariske Articuno
The legendary Articuno
Numero Uno Articuno January 20, 2007
AG136   Frontalsymbolet
The Battle Frontier symbol
The Symbol Life January 27, 2007
AG137   Kong Onix' kongerige
King Onix' kingdom
Hooked on Onix January 27, 2007
AG138   Den svære gave
The tough gift
Rough, Tough Jigglypuff February 3, 2007
AG139   Jagten på Arcanine
The search for Arcanine
On Cloud Arcanine February 3, 2007
AG140   En dyst med Psyduck
A battle with psyduck
Sitting Psyduck February 10, 2007
AG141   For mange kokke!
Too many cooks!
Hail to the Chef! February 10, 2007
AG142   Caterpies store dag
Caterpie's big day
Caterpie's Big Dilemma February 17, 2007
AG143   Snyderi i Saffron City
Cheating in Saffron City
The Saffron Con February 17, 2007
AG144   Squirtles genvordigheder
Squirtle's adversities
A Hurdle for Squirtle February 24, 2007
AG145   Nudelkongen!
The king of noodles!
Pasta La Vista! February 24, 2007
AG146   En frygtindgydende forfalskning
A terrifying phony
Fear Factor Phony September 13, 2008
AG147   Søde, lille James
Sweet, little James
Sweet Baby James September 13, 2008
AG148   Ikke så meget Brock
Not very Brock
A Chip Off the Old Brock September 20, 2008
AG149   Heldet smiler til de frejdige
Luck smiles at the dauntless ones
Wheel of Frontier September 20, 2008
AG150   Mays æg-stra gode eventyr
May's egg-stra good adventure
May's Egg-Cellent Adventure September 27, 2008
AG151   Weekendkriger
Weekend warrior
Weekend Warrior September 27, 2008
AG152   Ved den gamle dam
By the old pond
On Olden Pond October 4, 2008
AG153   Taktik, tak!!
Tactics, please!!
Tactics Theatrics!! October 4, 2008
AG154   Sammen vender vi strømmen
Together, we'll turn the current
Reversing the Charges October 11, 2008
AG155   Den grønne vogter
The green guardian
The Green Guardian October 11, 2008
AG156   Fra vugge til frihed
From cradle to freedom
From Cradle to Save October 18, 2008
AG157   Tidslommer lindrer alle sår
Time pockets heal all wounds
Time Warp Heals All Wounds October 18, 2008
AG158   I kamp og kærlighed!
In fight and love!
Queen of the Serpentine! October 25, 2008
AG159   En lille afstikker
A small detour
Off the Unbeaten Path October 25, 2008
AG160   Harley tager en runde til
Harley takes another round
Harley Rides Again November 1, 2008
AG161   En, to, tre for mange!
One, two, three too many!
Odd Pokémon Out! November 1, 2008
AG162   Spontan Combusken!
Spontaneous Combusken!
Spontaneous Combusken! November 8, 2008
AG163   Skærer båndene, som binder!
Cutting the ties that bind!
Cutting the Ties that Bind! November 8, 2008
AG164   Udsigt til ka boom
A view of ka boom
Ka Boom with a View! November 15, 2008
AG165   Konge og dronning for en dag!
King and queen for a day!
King and Queen for a Day! November 15, 2008
AG166   Vi bryder den røde flodbølge!
We're breaking the red tide
Curbing the Crimson Tide! November 22, 2008
AG167   Jeg gjorde det af kærlighed!
I did it for love!
What I Did for Love! November 22, 2008
AG168   Tre Jynx frem for én Smoochum!
Three Jynx over one Smoochum!
Three Jynx and a Baby! November 29, 2008
AG169   Har du talt med din Pokémon i dag?
Did you speak with your Pokémon today?
Talking a Good Game! November 29, 2008
AG170   Anden gang er lykkens gang!
Second time's the charm!
Second Time's the Charm! December 6, 2008
AG171   Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' krise! (Del et)
Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' crisis! (Part One)
Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part One) December 6, 2008
AG172   Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' krise! (Del to)
Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' crisis! (Part Two)
Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part Two) December 13, 2008
AG173   Ikke alt, hvad der glitrer, er gyldent!
Not all that glitters is golden!
All That Glitters is Not Golden! December 13, 2008
AG174   Et spind af sammensværgelser!
A web of conspiracies!
New Plot, Odd Lot! January 3, 2009
AG175   På vej mod nedelaget!
On the way for defeat!
Going for Choke! January 3, 2009
AG176   Et godt, gammelt fupnummer!
A good, old scam!
The Ole' Berate and Switch! January 10, 2009
AG177   Hold grabberne fra de Poké Balls!!
Hands off of those Poké Balls!
Grating Spaces! January 10, 2009
AG178   Besat af en ond ånd!
Possessed by an evil spirit!
Battling the Enemy Within! January 17, 2009
AG179   Slaking Kong!
Slaking Kong!
Slaking Kong! January 17, 2009
AG180   May, sig goddag til Mayley!
May, say hello to Mayley!
May, We Harley Drew'd Ya! January 24, 2009
AG181   Det tynder ud i rækkerne!
Spontaneous Combusken!
Thinning the Hoard! January 24, 2009
AG182   Udvidelsen af kampzonen!
The expansion of the battle zone!
Channeling the Battle Zone! January 31, 2009
AG183   Med Aipom of pragt!
With Aipom and splendor!
Aipom and Circumstance! January 31, 2009
AG184   Med latter skal ondt fordrives!
Evil must be fought with laughter!
Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight! February 7, 2009
AG185   Magtkamp i junglen!
Spontaneous Combusken!
A power struggle in the jungle! February 7, 2009
AG186   Ned på jorden, Ash!
Get down on the ground, Ash!
Overjoyed! February 14, 2009
AG187   Indsigtens uovervindelige lethed!
The invincible lightness of insight!
The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing! February 21, 2009
AG188   Pas på helbredet!
Watch your health!
Pinch Healing! February 28, 2009
AG189   Gamle venner ruster ikke!
Old friends don't rust!
Gathering the Gang of Four! March 7, 2009
AG190   The final frontier - kampen går løs!
The final frontier - the battle begins!
Pace - The Final Frontier! March 14, 2009
AG191   Små giganters sammenstød!
The collision of tiny giants!
Once More With Reeling! March 21, 2009
AG192   Tilbage til start!
Back to start!
Home is Where the Start Is! March 28, 2009